allspraypainted Magazine Issue #3

The unforgettable year that was

To say 2020 was a challenging year that we may remember is an understatement. Even more reason to roll into 2021 with a smile on our faces and the spark of creativity in our eyes. But before we write 2020 off as a bad year, we wanted to review what has been going on creatively, all concluded in our allspraypainted Magazine Issue #3.

Of course, the Coronavirus takes up the number one reason why 2020 was a flop. Lockdown was, and in some cases still is, hard to enjoy. That is unless you were using the gift of more free time to do fulfilling creative pursuits.

For those of us getting our creative DIY and artistic “make-on”, we were too busy recreating our home interiors, giving upcycled furniture and objects a makeover, or moving with seasonal changes to feel as comfortable as possible within our homes.



And if doing something on a functional object wasn’t on the cards, reading and watching the world’s best creators and artists in “allspraypainted meets” was nothing less than inspiring.


We dusted off our Montana-Cans cans and remembered to shake our GOLD, GLITTER, MARBLE, METALLIC, PRIMER, GLASS PAINT, GRANIT, and VARNISH cans for 2-3 minutes to get the best out of them. Our technique got better and better when painting our Gradient Stools. With very little, we managed to give our bathrooms a whole new look in our Marble Bathroom Embellishment project.

The Marble Entryway Bench has never made coming home so nice. Easter got a personal touch with Monochrome Easter Bowls, while in the bedroom the extra reading time meant that the Pink and Purple Trays were a welcomed splash of color and function.




2020 also marked the year of fewer crumbs in bed thanks to our Granit Bed Tray Makeover. And as work from home became the thing to do, the 10 Helpful hints to update your Workspace could never have come at a better time. The walls became less dull thanks to our Painted Wooden Animal Heads, and the light shone with more inspiration thanks to our Acetone Art Table Lamp.

We Faded, Stone, and Sprayed stools, and finally managed to stop books from falling over in the shelves thanks to our Granit Bookends. And at the end of the day when we were just too tired to keep creating, we tuned in to the Carolin Kaiser interview on “allspraypainted meets” and got excited about the following creators set to be featured in the coming months. If that doesn’t make the glass look more than half full, then you know where there is room for improvement in 2021.

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a thing and you won’t forget any of these amazing project’s thanks to the allspraypainted Magazine Issue #3. Now available for free as online version, and in printed format.

So, wipe the 2020 dust off with this refreshing read and start your new year with inspiration and fun. Happy Crafting!