10 helpful hints to update your workspace

10 helpful hints to update your workspace

Make your year successful from the start

These days we all spend so much time at our workspaces regardless of if they are at an office, working from home, at our desktops or in the studio. To ensure that the output and quality of the work we create in these spaces stays good we have to make sure those spaces stay positive, inspiring and above all fun to be in. After all, for many of us, these places are like second homes. In order to make this possible and easy to do, we thought we’d help by making a simple list compiling our 10 helpful hints to update your workspace. It doesn’t matter if you do all, or just one. Even a small adjustment to your immediate environment can keep you and your workspace fresh and creative.


You use them every day and they are supposed to help you keep things working and make things more creative. But are those very workspace stationary tools creative to look at too? Don’t let a boring desktop influence you into becoming boring. With some Marble Effect Spray and some Montana Shock White or Primer White, you can turn your desktop gadgets into embellished pieces of art that inspire you to create while you are creating.



You may find yourself looking over at your old clock early in the afternoon wishing it would go a little faster so you could go home. Why not make a change and add some gradient color to pep up your timekeeper. Using the Montana GOLD colors of your choice, a little masking tape and some simple design work you can go from clock watching to clock admiring.


Take some of the stress off your desktop by creating a little organization and decreasing the chaos. With our warm gray Montana GOLD colors, we introduce and spray some cardboard storage boxes that create a calming and natural effect. But it doesn’t have to stop at boxes in case you have other complementary items that can also be re-invented.


Even if you’re cluttered with post-it notes and to-do lists, there is a simple way to organize your time so you can see everything clearly at a glance. A Marble Effect pinboard is a cheap, easy and fun way to monitor your appointments and it doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged. Create more order in your workspace with only a little Montana Marble Effect spray, Montana GOLD spray in the color Shock Black and some masking tape.


Think about the amount of time you look at your walls in your workspace and how walls you have around you. For some this could be a lot so, with some Montana Marble Effect Spray, some simple hand made images and some simple but beautiful frames you can make your office look like a gallery. And the best part of all with your art! Leave a good impression on your visitors and clients while having a bit of artistic fun as well.

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 Often a change of environment doesn’t actually need that much effort. If you have some ceramic items floating about, give them a lick of paint with Montana GOLD colors and warm your mood with all pastel everything! Easier than changing wall colors or covering large amounts of surface area, by simply spraying some of your quirky ceramic objects in cool new colors you can change the mood from boring to refreshing.


 In case you didn’t “get it”, in this tip we want to remind you to declutter anything that has no productive purpose anymore.  Bring some fresh air into your new year by filing, storing, shredding or best yet removing any old documents, papers or paper “things” you’ve collected that you don’t need anymore. Of course, pay attention not to dispose of anything that you legally need to archive, and remember to shred anything with sensitive information on it, but on a regular basis file away documents you’ll need in the future (away being the keyword) and dispose of, shred or recycle anything you will not need again. Oh, and did we mention you should always remember to declutter?


By now the decluttering message has come through loud and clear. Wooden boxes are a great way to store documents and stationery so they don’t clutter your desk, or in the worst case your floor too. With some basic boxes and some Montana GOLD aqua orientated colors, you can add a soothing seaside touch to the environment without needing to get wet. Not to mention aqua color tones can also compliment warm grey tones, should you have chosen these in a previous suggestion.


Take a deep breath and ask yourself what your workspace smells like? Tea Lights and candles generally can make a world of change whether it is the sweet scent of lavender that you enjoy (or any other scented candles), or the soothing ambience they can create with their light. With simple materials like recycles jars and Montana Glass Paint, you can make candles a safe, win/win addition to your office.


When the chips are down and you are swamped in deadlines and pressure, it is easy to forget that life is actually a lot of fun most of the time. Like laying on the beach sipping on some freshly squeezed pineapple juice with the sun shining. Using the stenciling technique and a motif of your choice, with a can of Montana Glitter spray and an inexpensive small picture frame you can brighten even the smallest of desks or walls. And bring that pineapple dream closer to home. We used a pineapple design which took us straight back to those beautiful summer days regardless of where our office was located.

Ten tips may be a lot! As we mentioned at the beginning, don’t get overwhelmed. Try as few or as many of the tips we suggested to update your workspace as you like. You don’t need to apply all 10 helpful hints to update your workspace to get some order in your natural habitat.

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Good luck and happy crafting with these 10 helpful hints to update your workspace!