allspraypainted is dedicated to helping you creatively personalise your home and your surroundings. Interior or exterior. Whether it be up-cycling a piece of furniture, revamping some house deco, or creating a new DIY project from scratch. Anything is possible at allspraypainted.


The idea of allspraypainted was born out of the need for quality spray paint, that is easy to use. It has become a reality thanks to the support of much loved German spray paint brand, MontanaCans. With their roots stemming from the fast paced and cutting edge worlds of graffiti and street art, MontanaCans manufactures for extremely high demands in quality and function. Thats why their products work perfectly on almost everything else as well.

At allspraypainted, we love all seasons. With the stunning MontanaCans color palette, the choices of tones and effects are limitless. Let your imagination run free with us and achieve all your heart desires. Be inspired, make it chic and have fun. We’ll bring regular trendy projects and innovations for all your art and craft needs.

allspraypainted uses only the highest quality spray paints from MontanaCans. We ensure you our projects are not only helpful and inspiring, but also easy and fun to make. allspraypainted makes any craft or DIY project possible, whatever your budget, whatever your ability.

Create your own world!


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