Acetone Art Table Lamp

Creating a mood with functional art

Light and lighting is an essential part of how we see the world and how it makes us feel. Just think of all those amazing summer sunsets at the beach. Or how good it feels when the first shimmers of light hit your skin after an extended period of grey skies and rain. Even your memories of that buzzing fluorescent light in your grandmother’s kitchen conjure up fond memories. For the Acetone Art Table Lamp project, we took a simple lamp with a card lampshade and turned it into an amazing designer art piece. That just happens to be functional as well. If you want to find the “designer” in you, read on.


You have been to those fancy lighting stores and have seen many beautiful lamps by a designer from Scandanavia you have never heard of. But you turned the tag around to see the price and moved on. Thanks to hardware stores, Ikea and yard sales, you managed to find a simple light (as we did), with a simple lampshade that is almost perfect. The final touch to make it perfect is the one that you will create yourself.

Our lamp was has a black wooden base and a paper/card white lampshade. A timeless combination. Once we prepared our workspace, removed the lampshade and laid it flat, it was time to create a simple yet elegant touch. You can also work on paper and wrap it around the actual lampshade if taking it off is not possible. Using only Montana GOLD in the color Shock Black and a can of Montana ACETONE Spray, we have all we need. With your gloves and mask on and the cans are shaken well for 2 -3 minutes, apply a simple line (or lines) with the Shock Black as desired. The key here is “less is more”. You can always add more linework afterward if you want.

While the line(s) is still wet, spray the Montana ACETONE Spray on them allowing the liquid to gather and pool. As these pools spread out, they will take the black pigment with them creating warm, natural-looking smokey pigment clouds. The more ACETONE you apply, the more the black will disperse. Apply a little at a time and observe what happens. Also, consider moving the lampshade material around to guide the directions the ACETONE takes the color. Then allow drying to occur before you re-apply the shade to the lamp base.


STUNNING! The lamp looks truly amazing almost as if you can’t believe you did it yourself. Those subtle little lines dispersed into shades of grey tones. The smokey effect fading into the white card looked not only timeless but as if you were in a studio in Stockholm when you did. Even if it was just your garden shed.




We chose a black and white combination however you could choose to vary which Montana GOLD color you want with the Montana ACETONE Spray. The technique is the same regardless of the color combination.

This project is absolutely for everyone. The main effort is in removing and re-applying the lampshade. You may need some sort of clear adhesive tape to re-apply it if there was a similar tape to apply it in the first place.

Allow for about 10-20 minutes or prep time and 5 minutes of actual spraying time. Be warned, when your friends see your new Acetone Art Table Lamp you may be asked to make some more for them. Good luck and Happy Crafting!