Marble Bathroom Embellishment

Keep it simple, make it beautiful

What is embellishing really? If we look at the dictionary, we will probably get an answer like; “Embellish: to beautify by or as if by ornamentation; ornament; adorn”. But when it comes to being creative and wanting to refresh your bathroom, how can you embellish it yourself? You have come to the right place as we have a few simple pointers of how you too can do a little Marble Bathroom Embellishment, too!

Keep it Simple

The keywords as suggested above is to keep it simple. Before even tackling the idea of embellishing your bathroom or it’s contents, keep the items in it simple. Less colors and no excess of furniture is the way to go so that your creative little DIY accents can really shine. And of course, be noticed.


Colorful Accents

In our bathroom, the basis of everything is black and white. It’s simple, timeless and easy to maintain. Once you have managed to declutter the color and simplify the colors in our bathroom, then you only need to add, subtract, or change some color accents whenever you feel like a fresh look. For this project, we chose to work with two pink Montana GOLD tones and two green tones (Mortadella – Dusty Pink and, Manila – Manila Dark). Picking everyday objects like soap dispensers, tissue box covers, or cups is an easy place to start. Ours were all black to start with so we decided not to completely cover the whole object with any one color. Instead, we wanted to add a touch of color to portions of the objects. Always leaving enough black to tie together all the objects with the base bathroom color. Should you have objects of all different colors that you want to simplify, choose black or another color as your base color and spray all your items one color first. Then only apply color to portions of the object(s).

Adding Special Effects

Just like in the movies, adding a special effect can highlight a detail that otherwise could be overlooked. And besides, we trying to embellish aren’t we? We chose the Montana MARBLE Spray to make it happen. Not just as we love the stuff, but it actually enables you to add a special ‘something’, without covering all the color underneath it.

And in our case, this helps tie all the black-based bathroom objects together. Again masking off the areas you don’t want colored, apply the MARBLE Effect Spray at 20+cm away from your objects so that the spray lands organically on it. We wanted to keep the black and white theme so it was obvious that we should use MARBLE in the color white all the way.

Monochrome Baskets and Objects

The beauty of bathroom baskets and objects (like trays), is that they are not expensive. And the less expensive they are, the more likely it is that they are made of natural material like jute, wood or cane. Montana GOLD sprays perfectly onto natural materials so changing the colors of such items is easy. Not forgetting you don’t need to buy new baskets and objects each season rather just paint them a new color. We chose to go with the colors we already used previously to keep it monochrome and most importantly, keep the Marble Bathroom Embellishment simple.

Mother Nature

In case you have spent too much time in front of the computer these days, don’t forget we live on planet earth. A planet with oxygen and loads of beautiful plant life. It doesn’t matter how modern or minimal your bathroom is, a little bit of mother nature in the form of plants or twigs is always a good thing. And if you choose your plants wisely, you can not only find colors that compliment your decor, but also have plants that benefit from the conditions in a bathroom (moisture).

Not to mention you will benefit in your daily space by having more clean oxygen and better energy. Plants and foliage can also be seasonal thus changing the ambiance of your bathroom and helping you get into the mood of whatever season you’re experiencing at the time.

A couple of small tips to remember! If you are going to paint your objects one color before you start, use a Montana GOLD color as it is compatible with the following spray and make sure the objects your painting are clean and dry. Allow your paint to dry 24+ hours before applying any further colors or effect sprays.

Also, don’t forget masking/painters tape can be your best friend. To protect the areas you don’t want to spray on, apply it over those surfaces ensuring there is no leftover surface of your object exposed. Rather than just stick it on, try attaching it to your clothing once or twice (sweater or pants) to de-tac the adhesive on the tape. This will ensure that it will remove easily when you want to take it off, without tearing any paint you applied under it.

Whether you’re a DIY pro or a beginner, this project is possible for anyone. Start with what looks like the easy actions and build them up as you get more confident. Even just simplifying the paintable objects in your bathroom to one color could make a world of difference to the color chaos you may be used to now. But above all, have fun with it. Happy Crafting with the Marble Bathroom Embellishment.

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