Minimalist Granit Bookends

Embellishing the Bookshelf the Easy Way

The bookshelf can be one of the most intimate spaces of your home. For some, it houses all those books that help heal their souls, for others, it could be the library of inspiration for their creativity, the place for secrets hidden deep within the pages of forgotten books. Or if your lucky enough you have a place to sit and read quietly right at the source. But as with all parts of the house, the bookshelf (or bookshelves) are also not immune to change and reorganization. This week all the novels at the bottom, next week all the magazines. To keep up with this need for change and flexibility, we have just the right piece of practical decor, that happens to look stunning at the same time. Wooden Granit Bookends, every reader’s best friend.


There is a lot to consider when new books or magazines come into the collection. What gets which position? How often am I going to reach for this or that? And how do I keep them all from falling over? We can’t help you with the first two aspects, but the falling over issue, we can help with.

All you need is two reasonably solid wooden blocks. The size can be subject to availability, the size of your books & magazines, as well as the size of your shelves. Often available from Hardware stores, Decor/Homewares shops and where ever wood is sold, make sure the wood is the size you want, sanded to the smoothness you desire, clean, dry and free of dust.

Apply the Montana GRANIT Effect Spray in the color of your choice directly, pre-coat with Montana UNIVERSAL PRIMER or Montana GOLD in the color Shock White. Remembering to shake well for two-three minutes prior to use and to remove the safety ring from under the nozzle before re-applying it to spray. A couple of thin even coats from a 20-30cm distance and you’re done!


Your Wooden Granit Bookends are painted and they look great. Your guests will ask themselves where you found such beautiful stones from? Such a simple project using easy going materials that can add even more character and warmth to your home than any bought item ever will.

Not to mention the calming effect of symmetrical objects is always soothing. As your books and magazines change, so can your shelves. Just stack as you please and place the bookends where ever there is a risk of books falling.

This project is for absolutely anyone and has no more than about five minutes of work. Even less if you manage to find wooden blocks that are already sanded and clean. Have fun and happy crafting!