Warm Grey Stationary Update

Making your work space warm again

There are many different types of work spaces, just as there is many types of work that can be done in them. Some people are lucky enough to have converted warehouse lofts with city views, others share communal spaces in boring modern buildings with paper thin divider walls. But don’t let any of that block your creativity or productivity. We made our space warm and inspirational again by adapting grey warmth to our existing stationary with the new Montana Cans grey tones, from the Montana GOLD series. But if your feeling like making some new changes, by adding some small tid-bits you an create a hole new mood. Here is how we did it.

Materials Used

How it was done

The first step for our new look workspace was to take apart the things we already had and clean them up, ensuring no dust or oils were on them and they were dry. The biggest part of the project was painting the peg board. This was also what we wanted to use, to set the mood. So thats what we started with. The drop sheet was ready, our gloves and mask were on, so it was time to shake the cans. These stunning new grey tones looked so good that shaking them for 2-3 minutes was a pleasure. Once we removed the nozzle and took out the safety ring, we were ready to paint. Starting with the lightest to darkest, we layered the colors down one after the other creating a fabulous gradient. All in no time.

The shabby looking pen basket needed a practical partner. Although great for larger objects, it actually wasn’t very good at holding pens as they fell through the weave. Thats where a simple, recycled tin can came in very handy. We had cleaned it out so it to was ready to paint and become the new (practical) and gorgeous pen and marker holder. We first drilled a hole in it so it could later be hung and then sprayed it with Dolomite. So the obvious contrast color for the basket seemed to be Basalt.

Our desk always seemed to be covered with stunning little boxes that stored just about anything. Paperclips, erasers, pencils, usb sticks and even a secret stash of chocolate. But the white had to go. We use Dolomite and Basalt again to tie in two of the boxes with the tin and basket, but chose Asphalt as a third color to break the contrast a little. But you could choose and variation of the new grey ones you like. They are all appealing.

The final touch was putting all together. We used new bolts that we got from the local hardware store as the old ones were a bit rusty. But you could always use them again if they look ok. Then we placed the basket and tin where we thought looked good and worked well and attached them with our new nuts and bolts. With the left over space we attached a few other bots so we could use them to hang other items we’re always looking for like scissors and tape. It looked like a designer stationary display but in fact was just the same old same old one with a new warm grey glow. And a little tip, if you don’t hang the peg board on the wall, then you can also move it around a little so your space can get a regular face lift.

This project is for intermediate skill levels. Not as it is so hard to do, but you just need to have had a little experience with nuts and bolts. It will need approximately 60-90 minutes of actual work time.