Boring boxes not allowed

If you open your bedroom cupboard door, it’s very likely that apart from the feeling of “Oh no look at this chaos”,  you will probably need to put your hands up very quickly to catch the boxes falling down towards you. Those boring boxes that actually carry useful things (like hats and shoes). Too ugly to look at in any other context, what do do with them? Simple, make them fabulous and give them a coat of Montana MARBLE Effect. Or even better, try the new MARBLE Effect in Red or Blue. We did and this is how it went.

 Materials Used


How it was done

First you need to make the big decision, do you use the existing boxes you have, or do you find some nice blank ones for an extra touch of style? We chose plan B and found some gorgeous white hat boxes from a craft store. Make sure your boxes are clean and dust free. Then prepare your painting space by putting down your drop sheet, put on your mask and slap on your gloves.

If you use to use boxes you had and they are not white or a light color, we recommend giving them a base coat of Montana GOLD Shock White.  Grab all your cans and shake them for 2-3 minutes. Turn them upside down and remove the nozzles. Let the little black safety ring underneath them fall out. Re-apply the nozzles and test spray away from any surfaces or on a scrap piece of cardboard.


Place your boxes on your drop sheet and start by painting their bases from about 20 cm away with your white. Once dry turn them over and spray the rest of the boxes. If you have white or light colored boxes already, skip this step and go straight to shaking the MARBLE Effect cans.

We chose the new MARBLE Effect colors Red and Blue. We placed our boxes on our drop sheet and removed the lids so we could paint them separately. Keeping the can relatively far away from the boxes (20cm to 30cm+).

We sprayed the paint spat out in beautiful marble like strands. The closer you apply it, the closer these strands will land on your boxes and your MARBLE Effect will become more of a web-like effect. if your unsure, have a practice on a scrap piece of cardboard before you start on your boxes.

At this time we took a well earned break, even though it felt as we hadn’t really started yet. After a cup of coffee, we returned to our boxes that looked as if we just bought them from a department store. They looked stunning! And you are done. Oh well, time for another coffee then I suppose.


This project can be done by anyone. It is easy, fun and the actual working time is only approximately 5 minutes, subject to if you need to prime your boxes or not. No more hiding in the bedroom cupboard for these guys. Good luck and happy crafting!

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