Framed Glitter Spray Pineapple

Sweet decor for any room

Nothing says summer like a Hawaiian shirt and the juicy goodness of a pineapple. With its sweet scent and its unique appearance, we were inspired to make some pineapple art of our own. After looking in the fridge to find that last piece of yellow gold, we gathered out materials with an idea to make a beautiful framed image that would be as exotic as the pineapple itself.

Materials Used

How it was done

To keep it simple, we used the existing piece of masonite from within the frame as the surface for our artwork. This is usually the backing for a photo and could also be made of another form of wood. Remembering to shake all cans well and remove the safety rings from under the nozzle, we then spray this piece with our can of Montana GOLD, Shock Black. After a quick browse online, we found a nice example of a pineapple that we printed onto white paper. Using our craft cutter and our cutting mat, we cut the shapes out creating a stencil for our glitzy artwork. The not cut parts of the page would serve as a block-out for our black back.



By now the Shock Black was dry so we shook our GLITTER EFFECT Spray again for good measure and attached the stencil over the masonite with our masking tape, ensuring it was flat and still. A couple more shakes and before you know it, GLITTER EFFECT Spray goodness was being applied over the stencil from a distance of about 20cm to 30cm. We wanted a fair amount of BLING so we sprayed 2 coats. Once we had finished painting our nails, we returned to the now dry artwork and gave it a coat of Montana VARNISH Spray to ensure that the artwork was protected and shiny. The next day we then placed it into our picture frame. The result, fabulous!

Vera: “The Glitter Effect is such an uncomplicated spray. It dries fast and has many glitter particles to make everything beautiful and sparkly.”

This project is for all skill levels and will most likely take you between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how detailed you make your stencil. Remember to always re-shake your Montana GLITTER EFFECT Spray before use, even if left standing for short periods. This ensures the glitter in the can is mixed properly. Happy Crafting!