Marble Effect Workspace

Marble Effect Workspace

Overhauling the necessities

Creativity inspires more creativity. So if you are looking at your workspace, your stationary and books but you are not getting inspired, then we have a plan for you. Overhaul it using Montana MARBLE Effect in color Gold and put the creative flow back into your daily routine. Wondering how? Read on.

Materials used


How it was done

Have you reached that point when you look at your desk and don’t even see the potential in the tools you have in front of you? Let us forget about computers for a moment and get back to basics. Books with ugly images printed all over them, sticky tape dispensers that don’t work or that coffee cup holding all your pens with the broken handle. The logo no longer readable as it smudged in the dish washer. We went to our local stationary supplier and got back to basics.

[su_icon_text color=”#41444e” icon=”icon: clock-o” icon_color=”#000000″ icon_size=”34″]Working time: 30 minutes / drying time in between: about 1 hour in total[/su_icon_text]

We found wooden cup like holders for our pens and pencils. We found the coolest looking wooden tape dispenser you have ever seen and some recycled paper visual diaries that were screaming to be created in. New tools, new ideas..

With our trusty masking tape, we covered all the areas of our new work space objects that we didn’t want paint on. The success in this project is leaving the original material surfaces mixed with the decorated areas. You could get as simple, or as complicated as you want with this. Just remember, if it’s covered, no paint will stick there.

Marble Effect Workspace

We then shook our Montana UNIVERSAL Primer well for 2-3 minutes. Removing the nozzle, we let the black safety ring fall out and re-applied it to the can. Do this when you get to applying the MARBLE Effect Spray also. Applying a nice even coat, we let each item dry for at least 30-60 minutes before applying MARBLE Effect Spray.

Marble Effect Workspace

If you are recycling items with printing on them, you may need to consider a second coat of primer. And if you have a Montana GOLD Shock White in your tool kit already, that may work as a primer also for your Marble Effect Workspace.

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Once dry, take your pre shaken MARBLE Gold can and lay your items on your drop sheet below. Spray over the items allowing the marble like strands to fall on your masked objects. Don’t spray directly onto them as you would a normal color. Or if you do, be aware you may create a spider web like pattern which could also look great? Once all items are done, take off your mask and painting gloves to peel off the masking tape.

It is best to peel the tape off 5-15 minutes after your MARBLE Effect coat has been applied to avoid the paint curing on the tape and tearing as you want to remove it cleanly. Pull way from the lines where you have your exposed surfaces. This will ensure your lines are crisp and tight. Then allow to dry overnight so the paint can cure.

The Marble Effect Workspace is of medium difficulty. You need to spend the time to apply the masking tape well and you need to ensure you don’t wait too long to take it off after the MARBLE 400ml is applied.

Maybe try to have a similar amount of painted surface to that of the original unpainted surface. And of course use a different combination of MARBLE 400ml and base color if you want a different aesthetic. But what ever you do, have fun with it. Happy Crafting!

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