Easter Ideas for Everyone

Make your home festive this Easter

Easter is just around the corner and you’re wondering how you can make your home as inviting and warm as possible? We are here to remind you of some clever Easter ideas for everyone that don’t need a lot of time.

Granit Style

Let’s face it, the egg is a monumental part of Easter. No matter where you turn, around Easter time the egg is as present as the Christmas tree is at Christmas. It is also a simple symbol that can be changed with an easy spray of a Montana Cans spray can. Discover how easy it is to make just a little adjustment from time to time and bring your mind back to GRANIT Style Easter Eggs.

Do you remember how easy it was to take eggs (natural, wooden, plastic, polystyrene or other material), and give them a whole new look by simply applying the stunning Montana GRANIT Effect Spray colors? Displayed with the right table dressing, these eggs were as beautiful as granite itself.

GOLDCHROME and marble

And if glamor is more your thing, cast your mind back to Customized Easter Eggs, when a small lick of Montana GOLD colors.

Also Goldchrome and Montana Marble Effect Spray made all the difference to transforming basic eggs into stunning seasonal decor.

Gift Wrap Ideas

It doesn’t have to be all about just eggs. Crackle Effect Deco Bags were the perfect complementary touch for any occasion.

With only Montana GOLD colors and some Montana CRACKLE Effect Spray, you transformed simple paper bags into ornaments, table decor, and objects of beauty. The ideal companion to any variation of the Easter egg that makes any table arrangement look stunning.

So don’t get bogged down on re-inventing the wheel, you have some great ideas that you already know, that would help create an amazing Easter 2020 mood. Go visit the links if your mind needs refreshing and get creative this year with our Easter Ideas for Everyone.

Happy Crafting!