Crackle Effect Easter Eggs

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At allspraypainted we took on the challenge to find yet another way to re-invent the classic Easter egg. And what we came up with were Crackle Effect Easter Eggs.
Using simple ingredients like plastic eggs, Montana Crackle Effect Spray, Montana GOLD Line colors of your choice and Montana Plastic Primer, it only takes minutes to turn white eggs into modern glam eggs. Attaching the eggs to wooden skewers and inserting them into a piece of polystyrene means you can spray the eggs completely without touching them.
Our eggs were plastic but if your eggs are made of plastic, give them a coat of Montana Plastic Primer ensuring all air holes are sealed. And now the fun part.
Using a range of Montana GOLD Line colors that make you happy, spray patches on various parts of the eggs creating a patchwork type effect as the undercoat for the Montana Crackle Spray. Remembering the Montana Crackle color you choose to cover them with will expose these colors underneath it.
We recommend applying the Montana Crackle Spray color approximately 5-10 minutes after you have applied the Montana GOLD Line colors. This ensures a cool crackle effect. The longer your wait, the less dynamic the cracks will be. Once applied, sit back and watch as the Crackle Effect Spray does its magic!
You’re done, and you can call it a day with your brand new Crackle Effect Easter Eggs. However, should you want your eggs to shine a little more, maybe consider applying the Montana Varnish Gloss for a little more bling! Take a look at our how-to video here and see for yourself how easy it is.
Crackle Effect Easter Eggs