Granit Style Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs the natural way

Believe me, you’re not the only person that sometimes feels as if you’re running out of ideas. Falling into the trap of using the same old kitsch decor, year in year out can not only get boring, it can take away a little something special that times like Easter are supposed to have. So this year, don’t try and re-invent the wheel, re-invent the egg. All you need is Montana GRANIT Effect Spray, some eggs and a few minutes. Don’t be shy, read on..

Materials Used

How it was done

Warning; this is not rocket science! The hardest part of this project is deciding which type of eggs to use. We chose good old fashioned, natural eggs. We boiled them first to make them more durable. But if you are lucky enough to find a man made version that you like, then that will work too.

We didn’t need to prime our eggs as boiled eggs make for a great surface to paint. Depending on which type of egg you have chose, you may want to prime it with the relevant Montana PLASTIC, POLYSTYRENE or UNIVERSAL Primer. Make sure the surfaces are clean, dust/ oil free and dry. Once primed leave them to dry thoroughly.

Remembering to shake your cans very well before starting (2-3 minutes), put on your glove’s and mask, then lay your eggs on your drop sheet or cardboard. Lightly coat them with the GRANIT Effect Spray in the color of your choice. Leave them to dry and then carefully roll them over to coat the other side. For a more solid finish repeat this process as desired. And then the hard part.. Leave them over night or longer to dry completely. Thats it! You are done. The next day you’ll be shocked at how good they look considering how little you needed to do.

The final touch is to add your own personal taste by presenting them in the way you want. We tried to keep the natural vibe with placing them on a nice matte black plate.  Finishing with a touch of floral and fabric highlights. Your Easter table will now look like 5 star restaurant decor. And all you used were some eggs and a couple of cans of Montana GRANIT Effect Spray. Fabulous!

This project is easy. You just need to be patient when coating your eggs and allow them enough time to dry before you turn or handle them to coat the uncoated sides. We recommend leaving Montana GRANIT Effect coats 24-48 hours to dry and cure completely. And if you want to step it up a notch, you could also consider a coat of Montana VARNISH in Matte, Semi-Gloss or Gloss for that extra bit of durability

Warning: Do not eat eggs that were spraypainted. Only for decorative purposes.

Good luck and happy crafting!