Monochrome Painted Doormat

Revamp Your Welcome 

Give your front door a fresh and vibrant touch with our latest DIY project – a custom-painted monochrome doormat. This easy and creative endeavor requires minimal materials but promises maximum impact. Sometimes it is easier to focus on the inside of the house, as most of the time, there’s enough to do in there already. With Spring time around the corner though, we thought it could be nice to broaden your horizon, at least a little bit, and this year, consider the area outside your front door! Our creator Jordan is always inspired by geometric shapes and bright colors. With a background in Architecture, she came up with a clean, minimalistic design that will radiate a touch of your unique personality to anyone approaching your home.


Prepare Your Workspace

Ensure a clean, dry, and dust-free workspace. Lay down a drop sheet to shield against spray mist. Wearing a mask and gloves is advised for safety. Make sure your doormat is dried, and if you are upcycling an older one, make sure it is a clean and dust free as possible.

Select Your Colors

Choose lively Montana GOLD Line colors like pink, red, and light/dark blue to infuse energy into your project. We went for a monochrome look but of course every color is welcome to join your porch! Take your project to the next level, adding a layer of uniqueness.

How it was done  

Hold a piece of cardboard against the mat to protect one side. Start spraying one side with your chosen color, creating a subtle gradient effect. Repeat the process in the other direction using a different color.

Achieve Unique Details

To avoid a staining effect, refrain from applying excessive color. Instead, focus on creating intricate details that will elevate the mat’s aesthetic.

Transform Your Space

Crafting decorative pieces for your home’s interior is just something so fun – and satifying as well! Give your porch or front door a lively and distinctive makeover, transforming mundane items into eye-catching accents.

Pro Tip

Exercise restraint with the amount of paint to ensure the mat’s longevity. For added durability, concentrate on small, detailed areas rather than coating the entire surface.

With just a few minutes for each side, this project is not only creative but also time-efficient.

The result is a personalized, vibrant doormat that warmly welcomes guests and adds a touch of your personality to your home’s entrance.

Elevate your home’s aesthetic with simple and affordable DIY projects, encouraging creativity, and turning everyday items into personalized statements. Embrace the joy of DIY and transform your space one project at a time!

Happy crafting!