Easy Pattern Planters

Exclusive planters with only two markers

Plants are an essential part of life, which is why it is no surprise that people with plants in their indoor spaces usually benefit greatly from them. If it’s not in the form of oxygen or good energy, then it’s the pure pleasure of how the plants look and watching them grow over time. But don’t forget to look down at the planters you have them in. They too can be a great form of pleasure and inspiration, and with the Easy Pattern Planters we show you how.

The planter can take many shapes and forms. Not to mention they can also be made of many varied materials. Whether ceramic, cement or plastic. Often these shapes are smooth, simple and timeless. But after a while, they can also become a little boring. You can take control of that with as little as only two Montana ACRYLIC FINE markers. And if needed, one or two cans of Montana GOLD in the colors Shock Black and Shock White.


Our planters were just as mentioned above. Simple, timeless and terracotta. They were already black and white, however, if yours are natural or of another color, a simple coat of Montana GOLD Shock Black or White can bring them to the base color you want.

Just make sure they are clean and dry before you spray them.

For some, this may be the first step. For others with black or white planters already, your project begins here. Go and grab your Montana ACRYLIC FINE markers from your marker collection and give them a good shake.

If these aren’t yet in your collection, a visit to your local Art & Craft store can fix that or ask them to order them in for you if need be. Then, it’s as simple as drawing patterns on your plant pots.


Your standard non-exceptional looking planters have now become incredible minimalist planters. And the best part is they are designed by that exclusive designer, you! As you can see in our pattern examples, there is no need to get too complicated or second guess your ideas. Keep it simple and just keep repeating it.

The sum of all your lines and shapes will create the entire piece. Our patterns are just a suggestion. Inspiration for you to work from. You can choose to use them as they are, or take bits and pieces from the ones you like and create your own. We chose black on white (and in reverse) as our colorway to keep it simple and timeless.

Should you have another preference in colorway, just use the colors in the combinations you want. But remember the key, keep it simple!

The Easy Pattern Planter project is for everyone with any ability. You can create original designs resulting in beautiful planters, or use the ones we suggested which will result in original designs anyway thanks to the wonder of everybodies individual application technique.


But most of all, have fun with it and happy crafting.