2021-2022 UV Effect NYE Sign 

Celebrating the New Year creatively

Apart from being the last month of the year, December, or more precisely the end of December, also marks the nearing of New Years’ eve celebrations. Time to party, have some fun, and put the old year behind you, starting the new one with vigor and a smile. Or at least that’s the plan once you get past the New Year’s eve party. And for that, we have a great idea of how you can decorate your home or festive space with a unique self-changing sign that doubles as a cool artwork after the party is over. Get ready to transform with our 2021-2022 UV Effect NYE Sign.

Materials Used

  • Sturdy white paper or craft card to paint on and create stencils on
  • Montana GOLD colors of your choice
  • Montana UV Effect Transparent Spray 400ml
  • An ultraviolet light (UV light)
  • Some wall space or flat board to work on
  • A frame (optional)
  • A Craft cutter
  • A cutting mat (optional but optimal)
  • Masking tape
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop sheet

How we did it

Among other uses, ultraviolet light is common in nightclubs and venues for decorative effects and offers subtle light without needing to turn on normal lighting. When the Montana UV Effect Transparent Spray paint is put under UV light in an otherwise dark space, it glows! Revealing an otherwise unseen dazzling glowing display not visible in daylight. It wasn’t too many thoughts further when we realized we could make a celebrative New Year’s artwork with painted numbers that showed “2021” in daylight, and “2022” when the UV light was turned on. You can find a UV light at many lighting stores or online, but we dug ours up out of the garage where it was resting since our last glow-in-the-dark party trick had been made.

There are three main steps to this amazing self-transforming sign. Creating the Stencils for your numbers and festive effects, painting the layers of your artwork, and applying the secretive UV paint that will change everything when the UV light goes on. Let’s start with the stencils.


We started by creating a digital number stencil. We chose digital-style numbers as they are forgiving when it comes to painting them and can be changed to make new numbers easily. You can find examples online, but all you need is to create two number 8’s. From these two 8’s, we can create any other numbers. Transfer these two 8’s onto a piece of your sturdy paper or craft card and place them at a spacing of your choice alongside each other. This spacing you will need to remember when placing the other numbers. Using your craft cutter and a surface you can cut on without damaging it (like a cutting mat), cut and remove all the internal number spaces so you have two hollow number 8’s. Place this stencil aside and grab another piece of paper or card for your festive effects. We chose simple firework explosion effects, but again, if you have other ideas or find alternatives you like, go with whatever makes you happy. Stencils are done!


Always remember the routine. Shake your cans well for 2-3 minutes, turn them upside down and remove the nozzle to allow the black safety ring to fall out (if applicable), replace the nozzle back onto the can and spray away from everything to make sure each can is working properly. Your artwork can be done on any surface that can stay flat and have the weight of your hands put on it without warping. We chose more sturdy paper or craft card, but you may prefer a surface like wood. We had a simple black frame that we knew we wanted to mount our artwork in at the end.  As such, we cut the base sheet of card that we were going to paint into the size of the frame. If you’re not framing your artwork, choose the base size you want to work on. We reached for two Blue Montana GOLD colors, one was light, and the other darker.

We chose to create a cloudy sky-like effect by blending the blues together in multiple layers from a further distance to our sheet of card. You may choose other application methods like flat color, a color gradient, or anything in between. Once dry, grab your “8 8” stencil, and using masking tape, cover the parts of each number 8 so that what remains is the number “2” and the number “0”. Using our Pink, Apricot, and Light Yellow Montana GOLD colors, we placed our “20” stencil in position on our blue base and did a three-color gradient down through the letters from dark to light. Again, you may follow our lead or create any variation you like. After the stencil was removed and the paint had dried, we then changed or numbers from “20” to “21” and repeated the previous step, this time placing the “21” to the right of the “20”. What we were left with was the number “2021”. You’re nearly there!

Applying the UV Effect

It was now time for our Montana UV Effect Transparent Spray to do its thing. The transformation of our artwork works by the fact that the color painted numbers say “2021” and the UV effect numbers will glow “2022” under UV light. Using the “8 8” stencil you created, repeat the process as above of creating first the number “20” and then the number “22”. Line your stencil up exactly over your previous numbers and with the Montana UV Effect Transparent Spray, cover them to create the new number “2022” exactly over the “2021”. Allow it to dry and mount into your frame if you have one. It’s done. Great work!

You now have an artwork that by day shows “2021”. By night under UV light, it will show “2022”. Transforming by itself at the moment where the UV light source is greater than the natural light source. Cool isn’t it. You have just finished your 2021-2022 UV Effect NYE Sign. This is an artwork that is for intermediate to experienced creators unless you are able to simplify the stencil process or find a commercially produced stencil in a store that you can work with. Working time is approximately two-three hours depending on the size you work in and does not include drying times.

To approach every step calmly, either work on a day where you have plenty of time and no appointments afterward or create each step and continue the following one on another day. Be prepared for some serious “wow” reactions when your guests realize that your 2021-2022 UV Effect NYE Sign has just transformed by itself. Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!