allspraypainted Magazine Issue 04

Still creating our own world

If you thought you missed out on any of  the allspraypainted projects in 2021, don’t worry, you didn’t miss a thing! Thanks to the release of the allspraypainted Magazine issue #4 which is now available online for free here, you have a summary of all the big projects that inspired and assisted us throughout the year. Keeping us inspired while the world around us was at times, a little less than inspiring.

Adding color to something special

On a regular basis we put our masks on. Not because we had to, but because it meant we were about to add some color to something special we were working on. Like the Gradient Desktop, the Pantone Inspired Colorway, the Abstract Patterened Floor Coverings, or even the Colorblock Storage Boxes project. The seasons were also not forgotten, as the Colorful Christmas Tealight Candel Holders brought us some Christmas spirit while the traditional halloween pumkins dazzled us with their Three New Takes. Keeping it simple was often the call of the day as we also created An Easter Back To Basics.

Making the previously impossible, possible!

Our horizons were broadened with lots of new ideas and tools to, as we like to say, “Create our own world”. Making the previously impossible, possible. Like the introduction of the unique new Montana RUST Effect Spray, which was used in the Introducing RUST Effect, RUST Effect and Color Shelving, and the RUST Effect Office Update projects.

The Glass Paint Bathroom Jar Makeover put a whole new face on the most intimate of our household spaces. And if you are not yet convinced that 2021 wasn’t all that bad, who could forget the Magic Chrome Makeover and How To Marble With Spray Paint projects. Reminding us that what there is little we can’t achieve with a lttle inspiration.

When our batteries were empty, and our projects resting overnight to dry or cure, we settled down for a little mental stimulation of another kind. Happily reading the “allspraypainted meets” interviews, learning about Nadine Kolodziey, and reading an update from Carolin Kaiser. Gaining perspective on ways of seeing the world outside of that which we are used to. We look forward to the future feature artists and learning about the special qualities they give to the world.

So sit back and enjoy the allspraypainted meets Magazine Issue #4 as we begin the creative ride that will be 2022. And don’t forget you can still enjoy Issues #1, #2, and #3 for free here. Watch this space for more allspraypainted projects coming soon.