Metallic Effect Vases

Metallic Effect Vases

Never own a boring vase again!

Flowers are an always welcome addition to any home. Regardless of if it is a an expensive boutique bouquet, or a handful of native flowers that you’ve picked along the roadside. It can become a little un-inspirational however to look for flowers if you haven’t got a decent vase to show them off in. METALLIC EFFECT Spray vases are an easy way to recycle (or up-cycle) the glass bottles, jars or forms that you like. And here is what you need to get started.

Materials Used


How it was done

Make sure your glass objects are clean, dry and free of all oils and dust. It’s preferable to use clear, non colored glass. Using your masking tape, tape off the areas that you do not want the paint on the glass. You can make this as difficult or simple as you want by covering in simple shapes, or getting more creative with patterns and layers. Remembering to shake well and remove the safety rings from all your cans, take UNIVERSAL PRIMER and apply the white color to the objects. Remember you could cover the whole object or leave areas of clear glass. The areas you masked off will also stay clear in the color of the class. After at least 10 minutes or more drying time, it’s time to apply some METALLIC EFFECT Spray color.

What ever you think will compliment a nice bunch of flowers. Once you’re done coloring, remove the masking tape carefully remembering not to touch the paint if it is still wet or soft to touch. Leave this to stand overnight and your nearly done. The final optional step is to apply some Montana VARNISH in the finish of your choice. This will also protect your new vases and add some scratch resistance to your decor. All that is left is the flowers.

This project is for all skill levels and will take you about 20-30 minutes of actual working time, depending on how creative you want your masked areas to be. Now your set for any color, any season in any time of the year. Happy Crafting..