Gradient Wooden Chairs

How to create a Boutique Ombré look in no time

Have you heard of the Ombré craze? If not prepare to now. Ombré is when you use color tones that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. We have been well and truly hit by the ombré spirit and decided to spiff up some old chairs with the help of our decor guru, VERA of NICESTTHINGS. All we needed were some old wooden chairs, a couple of our favorite Montana GOLD series cans, some sandpaper and old newspaper.

Any combination of colors within one shade is perfect for your Ombré adventure. Vera chose to go with Montana GOLD G6200 Venice, G6210 CAN 2 Cool Candy, G6230 Pool, and for a splash of light green, the G6120 Malachite Light. We sanded down all the chairs just a little to create some tooth a rough for the paint to stick to better. We cleaned up the dust and prepped the workspace. Covering the floor and any surfaces we wanted to protect with the old newspaper meant no accidental paintwork in the rest of the space.


As we were spraying for prolonged periods indoors, we wore facial masks, to protect us from absorbing paint fumes and paint dust. We chose a color from our Montana GOLD spray paint stash and got to work slowly applying thin coats at a distance of about 20cm from the chairs. Once the paint had dried we checked for unevenness and lightly sanded before applying the second coats. Always remember to shake the cans well before starting and when taking short breaks to ensure you’re your paint mixtures are perfect. Montana Cans have the highest pigment load so we wouldn’t want to miss out on any color vibrancy.

Remember to wait for the paint to cure before testing the chairs (at least 24 hours).

We applied one color per chair. We were so happy with the result that we decided to add a finishing touch of Montana VARNISH spray to protect and enhance their durability that extra bit. This also means you can choose a Matte, Semi Gloss or Gloss varnish finish.

E Voilá. We were done. And our old recycled chairs now looked like stylish Parisian boutique furniture.