Faded, Stone, and Sprayed



Ideas are worth their weight in gold. To see something, and then turn it into so-mething else, something better, more useful, or more engaging than it was, that is something special. Any DIY’er, designer, artist, craftsperson, or even just somebody trying to make their home a more comfortable, will agree. However, the spark that lights the fire of an idea doesn’t have to be the completed idea itself. Sometimes it can be as simple as seeing color, a color combination, or a contrast between one surface and another. And nobody provides us with as many good ideas as our surroundings. Bringing beauty, inspiration, and function together is yet another strength of the natural world. Read on to see what we created for this faded, stone and sprayed project.


Look around when you’re outside in the forest, in the park, or on the beach. Anywhere that is not enclosed by man-made walls. Notice how we are surrounded by gradient fades. See how one color, blends into another. Sometimes subtly and smooth, other times powerfully, shifting one contrasting color into another. All the while, conveying feelings of warmth, harmony, vibration, or calm. And everything in between. Pick the fades you like in the color combinations you prefer, and hold that thought.


Rock, earth, mountains, or whatever forms you see when thinking of stone, without this material, many of our structures, architecture, or landscapes (natural or man-made), would not exist. From the jutted peaks of an alpine mountain face, the minimalist cubic buildings of a contemporary major city, to the highly polished marble sculptures of those beautiful historic Italian Piazzas. Stone is everywhere and eventually; everything will turn into it. Which is why it is the perfect effect to give your home, or personal spaces, a little more grounding.


You don’t have to convince us; we know how versatile and fun it is to use spray paint. What the spray can – can do, and when it is at its best (like the Montana GOLD), you can bring any design idea to life, whether you are improving your home’s interior or adapting a space to suit your needs. Spraying something can create a mood and improve your surroundings immensely, not to mention add function and durability.

With the humble stool as a basis, it became clear to us that these three elements could be the source of a great simple stool project. The stool, as one of the most used pieces of furniture in many homes, is the ideal starting point to explore fading, stone effects, and our favorite, spraying. With wood as the material of choice for our stools, we were flexible to explore each effect and have fun doing it.

For all the stools, wherever it was required, the Montana Universal PRIMER was the ideal surface preparation for any coating. Not only does it seal the wood for longevity, it also gives a neutral white base to work on.

For the first stool we brought two elements together. Stone, by way of the Montana GRANIT Effect Spray, and color, by way of the Montana GOLD color, Manila Green. It wasn’t by accident that this color also represented the green of the natural world. After having coated the bases of the stool’s feet with Manila Green, we then masked the color at equal heights before coating the rest of the stool with Montana GRANIT Effect Spray, in the color Light Grey. The result was stunning. Minimal, contemporary, and timeless.

The second stool was to be given the sturdy optical effect or marble. With only variations of black and white, the stool’s top was first primed in white. This could be the Montana GOLD Shock White or the Universal PRIMER. One half of the top was masked to protect the white color, while the rest of the stool was sprayed with Montana GOLD color, Shock Black. Once dry, it was time to add the ornate marble touch by spraying Montana MARBLE Effect Spray in the color white, loosely over the whole stool.

The remaining masking material on the white top was then removed, and the black areas safely masked and covered so a contrasting black MARBLE Effect could be cleanly applied to only the white portion of the top. AMAZING! A stunning 2 color contrast that was fast and simple. And with a coat of Montana VARNISH in Gloss, it may even look like a valuable marble ornament.

The last stool was all about color. No fancy tricks, just a warm fade to create a positive mood to your indoor space. With the warmth of the summer sun, or faded leaves with the arrival of autumn, the stool was first completely coated with the Montana GOLD color, Shrimp Pastel. Once dry, the lower portion of the legs of the stool were sprayed with equal fading with the color Shrimp, to about halfway up.

The final color Shrimp Dark was applied at the very base of the legs and only faded halfway up the previous color Shrimp. The effect, an eye-catching gradient that alludes to many moods, all of them good. The stool was improved further with a final coat of Montana VARNISH Gloss to add durability and flair.

Faded, Stone, and Sprayed. All ideas from our very own surroundings, and all of them easy to create and maintain. Why don’t you look around to see what inspires you or mix and match these ideas to create your unique look? Good luck and Happy Crafting!