Easy Pumpkin DIYs for Halloween

Gardens not required

As we reach the end of October and November nears, it is time to get our spook on and celebrate Halloween. In some countries this usually means pumpkins. In others, at Halloween, the pumpkin still carries the same weight, even if just symbolically. That’s why we thought to present two simple projects that can get you active this Halloween. If you have not managed to prepare something yet, these two easy pumpkin DIYs for Halloween will provide you with inspiration to get colorful this year. All you need is some of your favorite MontanaCans and simple DIY ingredients you might have at home anyway. As always, be sure to work with gloves, mask and drop sheet. Get ready!



We have nothing against it, but there is no reason why pumpkins need to be orange. Especially not once you see how cool they can look with a simple touch of Montana GOLD and Montana METALLIC Effect Spray. Last year we tackled the Metallic Dipped Pumpkins look and showed how easy it was to give a Halloween classic, a luxurious metallic touch.

To create a dipped like effect, we applied each pumpkin in one color from the top down to the middle. Literally making it look as if each pumpkin was dipped on its head in metallic color. It was easy to do as we sprayed focusing on the stem of the pumpkin and lightly turning it as we went.

The Frozen Raspberry color was a great base as it made all the METALLIC 400ml colors appear to pop. The fade at the middle pretty much happened by itself.


Nothing says spooky like glow-in-the-dark. And thanks to the Montana NIGHTGLOW Effect Spray, it’s even easier than we thought. The Nightglow Pumpkin Planters project not only gave us another chance to bring a little more pumpkin into our Halloween festivities, but they were also the spookiest attraction to our homes.



And did we mention they were also a great excuse to introduce some succulents to our plant life. With a little handcrafting, we even learned a thing or two about how we can combine ready mix cement, with our old stockings. When you are finished, carefully take your cactus or succulent plant and its soil, and place it in your planter in the hole you pressed with your tea light candle. For the best “WOW” effect, let your NIGHTGLOW planters charge in direct sunlight or under a bright light as long as possible. Then, when the lights go off, it’s show time!

Take a moment to check them out and don’t stress yourselves this Halloween. We’ve got you covered with these two easy Pumpkin DIYs for Halloween. Good luck and happy crafting.