Carolin Kaiser designs HORST Balance Board

Finding the balance with color

Allspraypainted has become more than just an online platform for ideas and DIY projects, it has also become an online community and meeting place where dreams become reality and cool household items are often subject to an up-cycle rather than a recycle. We like to see it as a place where like-minded people share their eye for aesthetics and turn nothing into something, and something into something even better. An important part of this recipe is the materials and products we use, and the people we work with. A balance that has thankfully produced over 5 years of enjoyable projects.

There are two important parties dear to us that share their passion and enthusiasm for this balance. One is our partners like the cool interior wares store horst.com, which also prefers to make it “last rather than throw it away fast.” On horst.com you can find many helpful tools and materials like vibrant Montana GOLD cans and the very popular new DIY kit, the HORST Balance Board.

Another ingredient that has brought us many colors and amazement and knows all about balance is the German artist and previous allspraypainted Meets guest, Carolin Kaiser. This 80s girl that knows how to lay down color seemed just the right person for a collab project using the HORST Balance Board and our favorite Montana GOLD cans.

Without any restrictions or requirements, Kaiser quickly chose her tools for the job with an interesting selection of eye-popping Montana GOLD can colors, Universal PRIMER, Montana VARNISH, and a little bit of Montana ACRYLIC Paint refill in the color black. As soon as she set to work it was again clear to us that Carolin knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Beginning with masked-off areas and precisely cut edges, the pre-primed white Balance Board soon began to take on a life of its own. A roughly applied black brush stroke with a dry brush quickly became two. A perfect balance of coverage and scumbling, with further layers of Montana GOLD color in all its thickness and richness.

Kaiser displays an informed ability for the juxtaposition of solid color and the human touch. Something that was then highlighted by her choice of bright yellow for the board’s base and Montana VARNISH Semi-Gloss to seal and complete the finish of the project.

It brings us to a difficult point where the decision has to be made do we use the board for balance training as it was designed, or does it become the ultimate sculpture or artwork for our home that gives us immense pleasure just to be able to look at it? This is not a question we can answer for you but it is definitely a nice problem to have.

The Carolin Kaiser x HORST Balance board collab project brings us to a new stage in the allspraypainted creative path. Have we brought a little extra art to our DIY or did we raise the bar in our DIY abilities to make useable art? Who knows? And what does it matter? What we can say is that the Carolin Kaiser x HORST Balance Board has been a pleasure to see happen and will be an even bigger pleasure to jump on board and give it a go. Stay tuned for more collabos to see where we can take it.