allspraypainted magazine issue #5 – available now!

Half a decade of creating our own worlds

It is hard to imagine that it’s been 5 years since the release of the first allspraypainted Magazine. But it’s true. Each year getting better and better, while our readers got better with us. From the very inception of allspraypainted to building a community of creative doers that interact and feed off each other, the allspraypainted magazine is a documentation of what is possible when you put your mind and your hands into it. Since 2019, allspraypainted has gone from strength to strength one project at a time. Not to mention color by color as we worked our way through every Montana GOLD, TECH and EFFECT can possible.

A toolbox full of skills and confidence 

With the experience and knowledge built up through trial and error, we also filled up a toolbox full of skill and confidence. One that has led to the release of the allspraypainted Magazine issue #5 which is now available and free online digitally here.

allspraypainted Issue #5 is a look back in the rearview mirror of 2022. What we see is a reflection of the year that was and the things we made beautifully in the process. Nothing was too big or too small to add our personal touch. And a can-do attitude broadened our horizons to make our homes, offices, and living spaces truly our own.

From outdoor hammocks to tables, and even the stationary we put on them. From birdhouses to baubles, from vases to lights, 5 years of skill-building meant there was something for everybody. But it didn’t stop there.

Creating for a living

When the tools were downed and the mind came to rest, we read about our fellow creators who are in the field on the regular, professionally doing their craft for a living. We saw how Sarah Hartmann surrounded herself with her projects in her beautiful Berlin apartment and how important the dialogue with her social media friends was for her.

Vera Wohlleben reminded us of the beauty of using black and white as a fundament to color use, and that after that very few other color tones are needed.

And for a complete turn of perspective, Hassan Abu-Izmero (aka HABU) introduced us to the world of metal and how it’s ok to sweat while you’re creating. From posting youtube tutorials as a hobby, to self-employed content creator, HABU opened our eyes to another side of using primers and creating.

While you are waiting for the new allspraypainted projects, if you just need a little inspiration or want to be reminded about what you have already achieved and how you achieved it, grab a cup of something tasty and take some time out to look through the new allspraypainted Magazine issue #5 here.

After all, the fact that you are reading this means that you helped make it possible. And don’t forget, issues #1, #2, #3, and #4 are still available here.We look forward to having you onboard over the next year and can’t wait to get creative together on our next project. Happy Crafting from the allspraypainted team.