Vintage Wedding Makeover – WEDDING DECOR WITH MONTANA

Whimsical Wedding Decor with Montana Vintage Spray Filter

When planning a wedding, it is often all about your budget. Making decor yourself in a fun DIY-session with friends can be one way to not only save some money, but also create that Pinterest dream wedding flair you imagined for your special day. The project we have in store for you is created with a truly magical tool. So here’s the disclaimer: The Montana VINTAGE EFFECT spray may cause you to fall in love with its effect so deeply, that you might start giving everything you own a retro-flair, just with a simple spray of a can. It’s something about the romance of old objects that just gets to you…

Anywho: Let’s get your dream DIY menus and name cards on the table. You will need: Your menus and name cards printed on cardstock, a pair of scissors, decor objects of your choice (for example a small wooden crate used as a center piece), some cardboard or old newspaper, latex gloves, a mask and a can of Montana VINTAGE EFFECT spray.

Vera: “The spray is so unique! The effect is realistic and can be dosed individually. Sometimes intensive, sometimes gentle. Just the way you want it.”

First, make sure that your menus and name cards are cut out and ready for their ”treatment”. Prepare your work surface by covering it in newspaper or cardboard. When you’re ready, lay out your menus and name cards and grab your Montana VINTAGE EFFECT can. Remember to shake the can well before you start painting. Holding the can upside down, shake for about 2-3 minutes. At a distance of approx. 25 cm from your cardstock, coat your prints moving steadily from left to right in a crossing motion. It’s suggested to apply in 2 – 3 thin layers, letting the paint dry in between coats. Once you’re happy with the look, just let your prints dry and get ready to create your decor. The Montana VINTAGE EFFECT spray is ideal for any kind of painted or printed surface, but can also be used on furniture, photos or many other objects.

Creating vintage-looking menus, name cards and decor for your special day



For our project, we are going to be ‘vintaging’ (yes, this is going to be an actual word in your vocabulary from now on) a wooden crate to use as a table center piece. To prepare the wood, make sure that any rough splinters have been sanded down. Set your box on your prepped work surface cover it like you did the menus and name cards, applying multiple thin coats. On the wood surface, the effect can be increased by sanding in-between coats with some high grit sandpaper. Plus, it will also create a nice smooth surface. If you’d like to, you can coat your objects with some Montana VARNISH TECH spray to seal your vintage-look. You did it! This incredible vintage-looking wedding decor will give your day that little extra flair of romance. Handmade by you.