Upcycled Plastic Bottle

The easy way to pot plants

Every day we put at least one plastic bottle in the recycle bin. But did you know you could be using it as a great base for making the most stunning plant holders?

Thanks to the Montana Cans product range, with a few simple things you can give your plants the ultimate home. „But what do I need“, you are asking?? Go and grab some plastic bottles, a craft cutter, an iron and baking paper, Montana ACRYLIC Marker, 2-3 Montana GOLD colors of your choice, a Montana CRACKLE EFFECT Spray, a strong paper clip, and some aper or plastic to protect where you spray. A Montana ACRYLIC marker of your chice and your Montana GOLD TRUE COLOR SWATCH.

The steps are easy

Grab your Montana Gold TRUE COLOR SWATCH and pic 2-3 of your favourite colors. Cut the plastic bottles in half. We will use the bases as your holders. With your pre-warmed iron, place the baking paper on your bottle and lightly iron the top rim so that the plastic warms up and flattens or rounds the edges. Shake your Montana ACRYLIC marker and draw on the base of your bottle as high up as you want ensuring the feet of the bottle are  covered with color.  Attach your paper clip to back of the bottle base to prevent the base from rolling and place on your protected surface. Shake your Montana GOLD cans for 2-3 mins and then spray rings of color over your drawn bottle base. We are nearly there…

While the paint is still drying, shake your Montana CRACKLE EFFECT spray well and apply over the whole bottle base.

The crackling goodness will appear before your eyes. Once dry, you’ve done it. Now you just need to find the right place to brighten up your home. Happy Crafting!


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