The new Montana GLITTER colors

Giving home wares some Glitter elegance


There is always something captivating about seeing light reflect off glitter particles. Even more so when said light is reflecting off something painted with Montana GLITTER Effect. Now there are four more reasons to get excited as the Montana GLITTER 400ml range has been extended with four new colors. Amethyst, Cosmos, Dusty Gold and X-Mas Red. And if you want to be specific, there is also Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER 400ml to round the family off. 

As with all creative minds, we got inspired. To try out the new colors for the GLITTER 400ml range, we decided to give some home wares an elegant metallic edge. And here is how we did it.

Materials used

How it was done

First gather the home wares you want to transform. Don’t be shy and locate exactly what you want to re-invent. Remembering the Montana GLITTER colors work best on black or dark surfaces, count yourself lucky if any of your home wares are black to start with. If not, give them all a clean ensuring they are dry, oil and dust free, then proceed to the next step.

Assuming you have home wares of varied colors, once you have set up your painting area with a drop sheet and good ventilation, put on your gloves and mask and reach for the Montana GOLD, Shock BLACK can. As with all the cans you will use in this project, shake it really well for 2-3 minutes, take off the nozzle and remove the black safety ring before re-applying it.

With thin even coats, spray your objects from about 20cm distance, side to side in a sweeping motion. This will serve as great practice for when you apply the GLITTER colors. Leave these to dry and start thinking about which color you want to paint each object.

Fast forward a few hours (or more), and your now black home wares are nearly at their stylish new metallic destination. Again, as we did when we started our Montana GOLD can, go through the motions and bring your first GLITTER color to the ready. But remember one very important point! High quality metallic glitter pigments are heavy. As such, to ensure the best results, always re-shake your GLITTER 400ml colors to re-mix them again before use.

Even after short pauses and regardless of if you shook well for 3 minutes to begin with. Spray in thin even coats, from side to side in a sweeping motion. Should you so desire, allow to dry at least 5-10 minutes before re-coating. Repeat this process with each color for each object. If you think they look great now, got to the next step for the final touch.

Leave your freshly painted objects 24 hours or more to completely dry. This ensures that all the drying and curing processes have taken place. For the final touch of class, it is time to grab your Montana VARNISH Gloss 400ml and apply in the steps as described above.

You maybe asking yourself, “why should I varnishing it”? There are a few very good reasons. The Montana VARNISH 400ml sprays add durability, scratch resistance and resistance to elements including UV light. And best of all, the GLOSS VARNISH 400ml enhances the metallic glitter effect by reflecting even more light from the metallic pigments. Thus making it look even more impressive. Now you can give yourself a pat on the back. Well done!

This is a beginner level project that is equally as rewarding if you see yourself as a pro, or as a first timer. At least one hour of working time is needed, excluding the drying times. But apart from applying paint, you don’t need experience. For the best results, leave your separate colors or effect sprays overnight to dry thoroughly before applying the next color, effect or tech spray. This covers you incase your painting in humid or non-optimal conditions.

Happy Crafting!

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