Rainbow Stationary

Coloring your creative journal

The journal, diary, sketchbook, or even the notebook are all names for that special little analog book where you write, draw, and plot down your ideas. Even now in the digital age, there is nothing more rewarding than putting pencil to paper when an idea comes flooding into your head that needs to take shape. However, the journal itself is not always an inspiring book to look at. Which is nothing that a little spray paint can’t fix. That’s when we got a great idea. An idea that would land on the outside of the journal, rather than inside it. The perfect time to for Spray painted stationery.


Our journal was ideal for the purpose we used it for. It had a nice white paper that was well bound and a good spine. Our best friend when it came to writing down thoughts, drawing ideas, or taking those important notes that would need to refer back to at some point. However, our journal was completely white! We gathered our other materials in the form of 5 Montana GOLD spray paint colors, some book covering film, and a black FINE Montana ACRYLIC. Then we were ready to add some color.

The colors we chose were dynamic and bright. To be exact we used Sweet Dream, Strawberry, Shrimp Dark, Citrus, and Malachite. Or if you want to keep it simple, think rainbow colors. Before applying the colors, there was a little trick that we did using the book covering film that would allow us to create a “Notes” heading on the front. We cut a moderate sized oval out of the film to function as a mask and peeled off the back. We then stuck it softly onto the front cover where we wanted it. Once the paint color had been sprayed on, this oval would be removed leaving an oval of blank white paper where we could write the word “Notes” or anything else we may want to with our black  ACRYLIC marker.

Remembering to shake each can well for 2-3 minutes ensuring that we could hear the mixing balls moving freely, we then turned the cans upside down, removing the nozzle and allowing the black safety ring to fall out from under it. Once the nozzles were reapplied, it was color on! With the notebook open on our painting surface, we then proceeded to apply one line of color at a time so that the front, back, and spine were all softly coated.

One by one the colors were sprayed on and our rainbow color scheme faded roughly from dark to light. In one session the whole notebook was covered with color and the pages were protected as they were face down on our drop sheet. We could barely wait for it to dry so we could start using it.

Before that moment could come, there was one final step. Peeling off the book covering film so we could draw the word “Notes” in the new blank space. Thankfully we had applied the film at just the right pressure meaning it peeled off easily without tearing the book. With a little creative swing, we titled our notebook and then left it to dry completely overnight before using it.


If you saw your notebook in a shop, it would probably be the first one you gravitate to. The bland white front and back covers were now illuminating rainbow colors and the handwritten cover title was the perfect personalizing touch.

The whole process was only 20-30 minutes of work and something anyone at any skill level could do. If you wanted to challenge yourself a little more, you could consider getting a little more complicated with your book covering film shape, or how (and what) you apply to the masked area with your marker(s) once the book covering film was removed.

Alternatively, the painting aspect of the project could also be simplified or made more challenging. If you wanted to make it easier, how about applying just one or fewer colors? If you wanted to make it more challenging, you could apply your paint differently, use a stencil, or integrate a drawing element with Montana ACRYLIC markers once the paint had dried. A piece of cardboard or scrap paper could be a good practicing material if you wanted to experiment before touching your journal.

It is fair to say the Spray painted stationery idea is a good one. Now you can start jotting down those notes and ideas for your future sensational spray painted craft projects.

Good luck and happy crafting.