Rachel from thecraftedlife

Not afraid of color

How Rachel fell in love with Montana GOLD

Allspraypainted is dedicated to creativity. Which is why we love and value the people who we work with. All of them talented, clever, innovative and above all, creative. And some… well some of them are obsessed with color. And so are we, which is why we were super excited to take a sneak peek into the working space of Rachel from thecraftedlife.com.

Rachel moved from colorful San Francisco, California, to Portland, Oregon. For anyone that hasn’t been to San Francisco, it’s not just the street art covered streets or the bubbling personalities of one of the USA’s most culturally diverse cities that make it colorful. It is also the rows of inner suburban houses that are like inspiring blocks of candy that make you smile. It was only once having moved to colorless Portland OG, that she realised how important color was to her. Now residing in New York, her color fix is in check and her sources of inspiration have expanded immensely. Plus, she has even more ideas now on how she can make both functional projects that are beautiful and don’t cost the earth.

In 2012 Rachel discovered the Montana GOLD spray paint line in a local art store. It must of been love at first site as she has been using it ever since. This fascination intrigued us so we were more than happy when we recently got to take a sneak peek into how Rachel’s home studio actually looks like.


It was heart warming to see so much color. Not just in Montana GOLD cans or Montana ACRYLIC markers, but generally how everything was bright and playful. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! And it didn’t take long to realise that the Montana GOLD cans weren’t just tools to make creative craft ideas or DIY projects. They were a part of her life. A piece of functional decor, and a source of inspiration and excitement. We could relate, so we decided to have a chat with her to find out what makes her tick. And how exactly she became so colorful? Here is what she had to say:

 There are many different fields in the creative market. Why is precisely crafting your passion?

Crafting is something that I feel like anyone of any skill level can do. You can craft something so simple and yet feel so accomplished. It’s the most relaxing, plus a fun field to me!

You’ve worked with clients like West Elm and Lowe’s. How did you develop your love for DIY projects into a business to make a living from? 

I started blogging in 2011 just as a hobby and a way to destress from my full time job. After a few years of trying new projects and getting better at photography, people started taking notice and I developed a readership which I was able to market to brands. It was a lot of trial, error, and progress in online marketing, but it’s been my full time job since 2014.

You just did a project made with our MARBLE Effect Spray. How did you like the finish and how did you experience the application? 

It’s so cool! I’ve never used anything like that before and it certainly won’t be the last time. I was really surprised by how beautiful the texture and coloring turned out. It almost felt like I was spraying silly string is was so fun.

The color palettes on your blog are amazing, your taste is truly unique. Did it evolve over time, or were you born with such a strong color sense? 

Absolutely evolved! I’ve always been into color (even tried to dye my hair pink in high school), but it took me living in not to colorful cities to realize how much of a role color plays in my mood. I moved from San Francisco to Portland, OR and missed all the colorful homes. That’s when I really started bringing color into my home so that I would always have something cheerful with me.

gold line

I am in love with your brushstroke planter DIY, it’s so easy yet charming. Why did you choose the MontanaCans ACRYLIC Markers for this project?

The colors were just perfect and what I was looking for. The coverage and pigment is also strong, so I didn’t have to worry about applying a second coat or unwanted steak marks.

Do you have a concrete design philosophy? Which aspects are important to you when you plan a new DIY?

Go with what makes you happy. Color is subjective, so what you might like something different than me. At the end of the day, it’s your home and you should be the one who loves the results! When planning a new DIY, I like find projects that are practical to me and my life. Will I use it? Is it cheaper than buying the alternative? Will it be fun to make? If yes, I give it a try!

When looking at the shelves of your studio, one can find sooo many of the Montana GOLD Line cans. The way you store them reminds me of collector’s items. When did you start working with the GOLD Line and what do you love about it? 

I started working with GOLD back in 2012. I found it at an art store near my apartment in San Francisco and was completely in love with the color (Malachite). I haven’t stopped using it since! The colors and coverage have always been the best and the cans or gorgeous on the shelf. It’s hard to go wrong!

You have a great variety of DIYs on your blog, it seems like nothing is impossible with you. How do you get inspired for new projects? 

I love taking time away from the screen to take in the world around me. I recently moved to NYC so it helps to explore and see new neighborhood, home design stores, art, etc. I try to take a few days a month to dedicate to doing this.

gold line

We really enjoyed talking with Rachel about her crafting philosophy and what inspires her. If you would like to check out her lovely new book, she introduces it here.