Upcycled Bucket Table

Upcycled Bucket Table

Because everyone needs a table

Tables are everywhere because we need them. But they don’t just need to be practical. They can also be quirky and above all fabulous! Our friends from Hamburg, “Cutter and Soul”, came to the rescue with an eye catching idea for the much loved table. The bucket table. The materials list was quickly pencilled and we were soon off to find the treasures

Materials Used

  • Montana GRANIT spray in White
  • Montana BLACK color INFRA PINK
  • Plywood in the table top form of your choice
  • Hot glue gun
  • Empty and clean buckets. In this example plastic and metal were used.



How it was done

Start your table project by finding two or more buckets in the shape and height that you want. Be aware that they need to be able to be glued together at some point. Your wooden top can be what ever shape you like. Ensure that it is lightly sanded and free of dust before starting. If you arw lucky enough to have found existing materials that suit your idea, then you are already ready to start.

Remembering to shake well and remove the safety rings from all your cans, take the bucket that will be the base of your table and spray with two or more coats of the Montana GOLD color, Paris. Once dry, apply the Montana GRANIT Effect spray in white as desired for a marvellous faux stone finish. Your wooden table top is now ready for the same treatment. Spray two or more coats of the Montana GOLD color SHOCKBLACK and apply the white Montana GRANIT Effect spray as desired once dry.

For this example, we chose to use an empty metal bucket for the middle section of our table and first removed the handle. For a touch of bling, it was decided that it would be coated with the Montana GOLD color Copperchrome. Two coats later, shiny and new! We could have left it there but would be boring. The finishing touch was to paint the metal bucket handle in the Montana BLACK color, Infra Pink. Now there was no chance to look away. We left everything over night to dry and re-attached the bucket handle to the metal bucket. The final steps were to attach the three parts together with a hot glue gun, ensuring plenty of glue in non sightly areas. We also made sure to handle the bucket by it’s handle.

This project will take you about 1-2 hours depending on size and number of coats. We recommend you leave all parts to dry overnight before attaching them. You will be able to do this with any skill level as long as you can source a pre-formed piece of wood for your table top. Or ask someone to shape it for you when you buy it. Then all you need to do is invite all your friends over for a drink and try it out. Happy Crafting..



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