Eye catching table Decor that will impress your guests

We never get bored of color. Especially if we have the coolest colors in the world to work with. Recently, were lucky enough to have a play with the New Montana HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY. This spray is translucent spray, loaded with colorful glitter particles which catch the light creating a one-of-a-kind holographic effect.

After a short look in the calendar, it occured to us that the up and coming dinner party was the perfect occassion to give it a try and make some tantilising table decor.

After a chat with our good friend Vera from NICESTTHINGS, a glamorous party display was conceived using split bottles of bubbly, wooden forks and a party-planner notebook. Keeping in mind the golden rule with the Montana HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY that the effect is most visible on dark surfaces, we set forth to make thinmgs glamorous.

We first started with the bottles. The first step was to coat the bottles with Montana GOLD Shock Black SH9000. Leaving the bottles to dry completely it was then time to start applying the HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY. We didn’t forget to shake the can extremely well before we started and after every pause as we knew  that otherwise the particles could sink to the bottom of the can. Translucent paint with no effect was not what weh ad in mind.

 Holding the can at about 20 cm from the bottles while spraying enabled us to apply clean strokes from left to right. One thick coat could of resulted in us having drips and an un even holographic appearance. We waited about 10 minutes between each coat, remembering to always shake the can in-between strokes to keep those particles in motion.

With the experience we just gathered from creating the bottles, it was now time to make some functional yet stunning wooden forks. Using our masking tape we masked off the eating side of the forks that would go in our mouths, making it possible to just decorate the handles. (nobody wants a mouth full of glitter). We coated the handle of the fork with some Montana GOLD Shock Black. This coated the handles making them no longer absorbent and gave us a dark undercoat for the best hologram effect. Then we coated the handles with Montana HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY.

Vera: “A rainbow straight out of the can. The amazing thing about MontanaCans is that they always manage to develop products based on the latest trends!”

The Notebook project was a breeze. Vera created a stencil by cutting words out of paper and then sprayed straight onto the cover of her black covered  Notebook. We didn’t want to loose any of that pretty holographic goodness so we applied a coat of Montana Varnish once the HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY was dry, just for good measure. We chose the Montana GLOSS VARNISH which also added a little shine giving out party planner that extra touch of BLING.

Is the new Montana HOLOGRAM EFFECT SPRAY different to the Montana GLITTER EFFECT SPRAY? Yes, they are different!

The color of the particles in each is different. The GLITTER particles are silver and reflect light as it is. Where as the HOLOGRAM particles are colored and catch the light, which appears different in color depending on the angle, you see it. This creates a kind of holographic illusion.

Your guest will not only be dazzled, so will you!