Lisa from its pretty nice

Introducing the Scandi Lover Lisa From its Pretty Nice and her creations

When we met Lisa fro its pretty nice, If it wasn’t for the fact that she had already told us that she lived on the outskirts of Berlin – Germany, with her family, we would have assumed she was from Stockholm.

This blogger, photographer, content creator, visual marketing consultant and lover of all things Scandinavian, subscribes to the idea principal of “Less is More”. She describes how her own home with still having plenty of corners with nothing in them, to allow whatever is in the room to breathe and have some space of its own. When we first laid eyes on her blog which focuses on interior design and DIY among other things, we soon saw the notion of “Less is More”, put in to practice with loving tenderness. On her blog www.itsprettynice.com she shares her love for interior and amazing DIY projects for her readers.

Lisa from its pretty nice

Since, 2014 she has been the master mind behind her visual platform. The site which allows her to bring all her creative abilities and project together in one virtual place. We have been lucky enough to have been working with her since 2018. Where ever possible we have quietly placed a Montana Can or two in her for inspiration to see what came out the other side. Seeing as we have never been disappointed and always been impressed, we decided it was time to have a chat with Lisa to see what is behind all these skills she seems to have. Here is what she had to say.

How did you start your blog? Did you have a certain goal in mind?

In the beginning it was only meant to be a creative output, a hobby and compensation for the stressful everyday work. I hadn’t thought at all that blogging could also make money. Nowadays I’m self-employed with Blog & Co., I have met so many nice people and can call many creative projects my work besides my blog. So I have a lot to thank the blog!

What about the Scandinavian style inspires you? Do you have a certain philosophy when it comes to interior?

The Scandinavian style simply radiates a kind of lightness. It doesn’t seem too intended, it’s not too overloaded and not too colorful. I like it a lot and I also like being there on holiday. I always come back to “less is more”. Not every free corner has to be filled, not every color of the rainbow has to be represented. Less is (at least for me) always more.

Which one of our EFFECT Sprays is your favorite and why?

I fell in love with the GRANIT Effect Spray and I love to work with it. You can make a huge difference in a few minutes. My GRANIT Easter eggs from last year are still my favorite project. Not to mention the colors in the GRANIT Spray range fits exactly into my personal color palette 😉

Lisa from its pretty nice

Which materials do you like to work with when doing DIY’s?

I like to work with wood. It’s also a great material in combination with other colors/materials. It is a very versatile and also a very handy material. If something doesn’t work out well, it can be sanded down again and you restore the natural beautiful surface once again. You can make furniture out of it, but also small decorative objects. So I would say wood is my favorite material in any case. Otherwise, I also find paper/cardboard very interesting.

Which color schemes do you prefer when decorating your interior?

Personally I like it simple, even if I appreciate bright colors in other homes, I usually get tired of them after a short time. So you can find many natural tones, white, gray and always in combination with natural wood, rattan etc.

You have been with spray paint for a few years now. Is there anything specific you like about the Montana GOLD Line?

From the first project, the quality simply convinced me. The colors cover really well and are easy to apply. What I also find great is the beautiful color palette! You can really find the right color for every project and you can always be inspired by the colors.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

That can really be everything. In my everyday work, I draw a lot from Pinterest, Instagram and magazines. But also a lot from traveling or walking. If you keep your eyes open, you will always discover something new.

Which room at home is the most important one for you and why?

I would say our living room with the open kitchen. Our whole life takes place here and I like to work there. In summer, I open the door to the terrace and then the atmosphere really is perfect. And the coffee machine is there, too 😉

What recommendations do you have for DIY lovers starting to work with spray paint?

The courage to paint. Have the courage to do something and then be surprised by the great results you can achieve! Otherwise, work outside if possible and don’t forget your mask and gloves.

Speaking to Lisa from its pretty nice was like taking a trip to Sweden from the comfort of our own home. The realization that sometimes the most beautiful way, is not the most complicated one. Specially when it comes to color and the use of subtle tones, we can’t wait to see what comes next from Lisa!

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