Halloween Glitter Bats

A simple spook for Halloween

The bat, a symbol of Halloween that is as iconic as pumpkins, witches, and black cats. The perfect starting point for an allspraypainted Halloween project that will catch everyone’s attention this Halloween. Read on to see how it was made.


  • Montana GLITTER Effect (We used the color Amethyst and Silver)
  • Black craft card or sturdy black paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop sheet


Our bat reference came from an image we found online. If you are talented when it comes to drawing, you could create your own design, or expand one that you find in a book to fit the size of the craft card you are using. Once you have decided which image you want to use as a template, either draw it directly onto your black card, or onto some white craft card. Using your scissors cut it out to create your template.

Place your bat template on your craft card and trace around it leaving as little space as possible between each bat to save paper. Then cut them all out, as many as desired. Don’t forget, they don’t need to be all one size. If you want varying sizes, create a template for each size you want to paint.

Having shaken your cans for 2-3 minutes with gloves and mask on, place all your cut out bats on your drop sheet or painting area in readiness to paint them. Spray a test spray away from all objects to ensure each can is ready to use and then apply thin layers onto your bats as you want.

It is important to remember with GLITTER sprays that you do not need to apply thick coats as with normal colors. The idea is to apply the glitter so that light can clearly strike the pigments and reflect off them. Considering the color of our card base was black, less can be more.

Once your GLITTER is applied, allow the bats to dry thoroughly so they can be handled, hung, or used where you intended them to. You may choose to use one color per bat, or if your feeling experimental, why not try applying small portions of multiple colors for an even spookier glitter effect.

Believe it or not, THAT’S IT! Simple, fast, and spookily effective for all skill levels and only 5 minutes work.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting!