allspraypainted Meets Vera Wohlleben

When aesthetics leads the path to well being

If you are a gourmet chef that creates tasty culinary delights, it’s not enough to just tell your customers that your recipe in a recipe book tastes great. With the help of great styling, photography, and editing, what previously just sounded good to eat can become visually transferred into an amazing anticipated edible experience that seems to be only one cooking session away.

Whether it’s creating food, home interiors, or DIY projects in this holistic approach, it is in the strengths of aesthetics, harmony, and balance that many ideas can blossom once they come to life. Just like all the projects and activities that have been featured on allspraypainted that was created and photographed by Verena Susanna Wohlleben from www.nicestthings.com

Since 2011, Vera has been building up a profession from her love of creating things, whether they be physical objects, homewares, interiors, or food, regardless of edible or drinkable. All with her signature touch of harmony and balance, black and white, and color tonal variations. What sets her aside from the rest is not only her ideas and the final products, but also the manner in which she expertly photographs, edits, and presents her work in a way that makes her creations look as if they are on a level of their own.

This talented 38-year-old doesn’t just go as far as just creating aesthetically driven work, she lives it! A large majority of what you see is made, developed, photographed, digitally edited, and then put into use in her own home. A home that is part studio, part office, part living space, and part work of art. Variations of black and white greet visitors in every corner, even in her wardrobe.

In 2011 not only did this self-confessed wine passionista start her career path as an aesthetics professional, but she also turned her back on a career in medicine that she successfully studied and completed in the neighboring city (and home of the Montana Cans headquarters), Heidelberg. Since then her hobby blog developed its way further as a trend-setting hybrid food/interior/lifestyle/travel blog. A blog which she says even today in the age of multiple social media platform possibilities is still the main calling card to reach her audience and obtain her most serious clientele.

There are many reasons why Vera’s work has been featured on allspraypainted, and aesthetic is a word that always comes to mind. This is why we wanted to dig deeper and find out what it is that makes Vera and her work as appealing as it is. Where did this sense of taste and mood come from and what is it that makes Vera as versatile as she is? Here is what she had to say.

Interview with Vera Wohlleben

allspraypainted: How did your career start? Is there a moment when you knew that creative work was your preferred way of working?

Vera Wohlleben: Completely unplanned. As a balance to medical school, I started a blog in 2011 where I uploaded my recipes, food photography, and creative projects. Suddenly the first client inquired and wanted to give me money for my work. I could hardly believe it. But I immediately seized the opportunity. I registered my business at the end of 2011 and have been working as a content creator, photographer, and stylist for food, drinks, and photo stills for 11 years.

I knew from early childhood that I loved creative work after I gave my parent’s light beige carpet a complete wax crayon makeover. Which didn’t bad at all, by the way. I noticed it every day at work as well. I think everyone has a superpower. Mine is aesthetics. If you can recognize it and then make it your profession, that is the greatest of luck.

allspraypainted: Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Vera Wohlleben: I got a lot from my parents in terms of culinary, lifestyle, and style. In my childhood, we spent a lot of time in France and that’s where I still find a lot of my inspiration. Whether it be through magazines, a visit to the supermarket or small boutiques, a whole vacation, or talking to friends there.

The change of seasons always inspires me a lot too. Nature has it all when it comes to colors and compositions. Nature never creates kitsch. And I love exploring cities on my own.

allspraypainted: What role does color play in your work?

Vera Wohlleben: When it comes to color, I’m pretty sensitive – which isn’t always comfortable. When colors don’t match, it affects me physically. I could even go as far as saying it hurts me sometimes. That’s why my house is decorated absolutely purist in white with a few black accents. In my work, I like to go all out but keep it harmonious. That’s what I love about Montana Cans. With the GOLD Line, we don’t just have a few clumsy primary colors, but beautifully sensitively coordinated stylish nuances. I like to have these tones around me, which is why many of my projects for allspraypainted have kept a place in my own personal living space.

allspraypainted: How did your interest in interior design come about?

Vera Wohlleben: Actually, it also came through my parents. They always modeled and created mindful, beautiful, thoughtful environmental spaces for us, albeit in a completely different style than mine. English Library Style was the favorite in the past whereas it is the Provence Style today. I would even go so far as to say that I not only have an interest in interior design but that an aesthetically pleasing, uncluttered living space is fundamentally important to my well-being.  

allspraypainted: Part of your concept for allspraypainted meets are versatile Montana marble-coated cubes that you paint. What is the process of designing projects, and which part is your favorite?

Vera Wohlleben: Quite classic, I think: first the brainstorming and research. Then I get all the materials, I then implement the project, and take pictures. To be honest, working with my hands is not my main focus. What I enjoy more than the design itself is the editing of the photos. This is where I can perfect the photos and get the most out of them. And the very best thing is the contemplation after the fact. When you can just sit and look at the finished project that you are satisfied with.

allspraypainted: How would you assess the role of Instagram in the context of your work?

Vera Wohlleben: Instagram may have its pros and cons, but like any tool, it’s as good or as bad as the person using it. For me, it’s a great acquisition tool that helps me show my work to the world and connect with clients in a straightforward way. It’s also a wonderful resource for inspiration.

allspraypainted: Which color or effect in the Montana product line do you like best?

Vera Wohlleben: Definitely Marble. There is more use of texture than color here, I love the elegant, monochromatic look. The effect is never the same, a minimal change in the spray angle produces a completely different result. I really like this organic randomness with a very reduced look and feel.

allspraypainted: How balanced is the proportion between digital and analog in your work?

Vera Wohlleben: About fifty-fifty, with a bit more desk work, client communication, writing proposals and concepts, research, image editing, retouching, copy editing, reporting, and accounting… For me, it’s perfect like that.

allspraypainted: What are your plans for 2023?

Vera Wohlleben: If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the best things that happen are unplanned. I never sat down and made the plan; ” I’m turning my back on medicine now and becoming a content creator.” It just happened. But you have to see the doors that open, be brave, and walk through them. So my only plan is to continue to trust my intuition, accept new situations with open arms and turn them into the best for me.

allspraypainted: What does blogging mean to you?

Vera Wohlleben: Even though the community aspect in the form of comments and mutual visits has largely fallen asleep, the blog is still my home on the WWW. It’s where I present my work, where I’m not dependent on external apps and their algorithms, and where I’ve collected almost all my projects in one place. Next to social media, the blog was and is my number one acquisition tool, my digital business card.

allspraypainted: Has the exchange with your community changed the way you work?

Vera Wohlleben: It certainly has, whether consciously or subconsciously. Social media is not only a give but also a take for us content creators. Here is a tip for a store with beautiful photo accessories, there is a recipe that someone from the community sends me – the exchange among like-minded people is fun and always brings new inspiration.

It comes to no surprise that Vera’s surname Wohlleben actually translates from German to English as wellbeing. Wellbeing which radiates from her private life, her creative life, and her professional life. It is with great pleasure that we celebrate allspraypainted Meets with Vera Susanna Wohlleben and all her Nicethings.