Granit Table Lamp

Shedding some light on Granit

Artificial light is present in just about every aspect of our lives. Whenever we are inside our homes, inside any type of building, or even just driving through the streets in our cars, there is always a light source of some sort helping us find our way through the darkness when the sun has gone down. On the long list of lights that help us see things in the dark, lamps are among the most intimate. They help us see each other in our living rooms, they help us concentrate when we study at our desks, or read in beds while we are under the comfort of a warm blanket. With so many variations of table lamps available, it seemed only natural that we focus on them for one of our allspraypainted projects. And with a little help from the Montana GRANIT 400ml spray, we decided to add a little touch of nature to the humble lamp. We called it the DIY Table Lamp project and here is how we did it:


The fundamental basis of the DIY Table Lamp project is the lamp base itself. Lamps come in many shapes and sizes and the one we chose to work with had a beautiful organic shape that looked like a “U” upside down. Its white, matt, ceramic body was an ideal surface to work with. However, if you buy, find, or upcycle another material in a form you like, simply sand it down and apply the appropriate Montana PRIMER 400ml spray to create the same starting surface.

The focus of our project was to paint the lamp base with Montana GRANIT 400ml spray. Before we applied any type of PRIMER or the Montana GRANIT spray, we first needed to remove any loose or removable parts from the lamp that we didn’t want to spray on. Should you have things like cables that can’t be removed, simply cover them with masking tape, paper, or cardboard.

Ensure the lamp base is clean, dry, and free of dust and oils before starting. Remember that with every Montana aerosol can, always shake well for 2-3 minutes, remove the nozzle and turn the can upsidedown to allow the safety ring to fall out (where applicable). Reattach the nozzle and test spray away from all objects. Then you’re ready to spray.

Place your lamp base which was primed if necessary on your prepared painting surface. Apply the Montana GRANIT 400ml spray color of your choice in slow even strokes at a distance of approximately 20-25cm from the lamp base. You can choose from the colors Light Grey EG7000, Grey EG7050, Brown EG8000, or BLACK EG9000. As the name on the can suggests, GRANIT 400ml spray offers a natural-looking granite-like effect that gives objects an artificial yet natural granite-like surface texture as well. If required, apply in thin multiple coats and allow at least one hour of drying time between coats.

Once the GRANIT 400ml spray has dried completely overnight, you can add protection to the surface by applying one or more coats of Montana VARNISH 400ml spray in the finish of your choice. VARNISH spray MATT, or SEMI-GLOSS tends to create a more natural granite look, while although GLOSS looks fantastic as a finish, the effect is a little more “bling”. After following the painting preparation steps mentioned above, apply your varnish at a distance of 15-20cm from the surface of the lamp in thin even coats. Allow your lamp base to dry overnight.

If you disassembled or covered anything in the process, now is the time to reattach the things you removed, or remove any tape, paper, or cardboard that was being used to protect parts of your lamp. Your amazing new look DIY Granit Table Lamp is finished!


Your DIY Granit Table Lamp project most likely went in one of two directions. Either you were lucky and could apply the GRANIT 400ml spray straight onto your lamp base, or you needed to do a little sanding and priming to create a matt, neutral base. Either way, once the final coat of varnish went on and your lamp was reassembled, your lamp went from “nice” to “wow!”

The natural calming effect of stone surfaces is not to be underestimated. This is why the Montana GRANIT 400ml spray is even more impressive as with a little color and minute plastic particles, the same effect can be reached without having the costs or weight of stone.

Smooth, warm, and inviting. If the lamp you decorated was not a favorite before, it will be now. Its wonderful new granite look will most likely not be the last GRANIT DIY project you do. And if you feel comfortable with the results, why not consider fading more than one GRANIT 400ml spray color together to achieve an even more organic natural feel. Like real weathered granite that has been aged out in the elements.

There is no restriction to the possibilities just as there is no skill level that is not able to do this project. With as little as 10-30 minutes of working time, anyone can convert a lamp that may be forgettable, into a DIY Granit Table Lamp that is memorable.

Congratulations and Happy Crafting!