Granit Pots for your Herb Garden

Start your spring season with this quick and easy DIY project

Spring is finally here! It’s the season of all things new (renewal) and sprucing up. Today we have a special DIY project for your herb garden. Once the sun comes out, making a stop at a local garden shop is pretty much the single most awesome thing to do, but buying beautiful plants and stylish flower pots can be quite pricy. This DIY project will allow you to spend more money on the plants themselves and save a few bucks on overpriced pots.

For today’s DIY project, you will need: some cheap terracotta pots (try checking your local Dollar store), a plastic sheet (like cling wrap) or some old newspaper, latex gloves, a mask, a can each of Montana GRANIT EFFECT and Montana PRIMER TECH spray, and a Gravel 7060 Montana ACRYLIC Marker 2mm Fine. As usual, start by protecting your work surface with some old newspaper or a plastic sheet (whatever you have on hand). Although priming your pot is optional, we do recommend it because it will make the actual paint job with the GRANIT EFFECT spray a lot easier, since you will need less coats to achieve the look we’re going for.


Once the primer is dry this project is really basically as easy as point and shoot: grab your Montana GRANIT EFFECT spray can and go to town on as many pots as you choose. Be sure to cover them evenly in fairly thin layers. It’s always best to wait for the

layer to dry and then go back over areas that need it, rather than dousing the poor pot in a heap of dripping paint. Working back and forth, make sure you’re happy with your coats, waiting until each layer is dry to the touch before adding another layer. Once you’re happy with the look of your pots, it is time to create some hand drawn labeling for your herbs.

I am fascinated every time I see the amazing effect developing. Using the other beautiful shades from the GOLD Line, you can create new interesting effects every time. – Vera

Before you start drawing all over your pot, try out (practice) some lettering with a pen on a piece of paper until you have figured out exactly how you want it to look. With the help of your sketch positioning the letters on the pot should also be easy breezy. Take your trusted Montana ACRYLIC Marker and start writing on your pretty pots. The fantastic handling of these Markers make them the perfect tool for this kind of project. Just imagine having to create lettering like this with acrylic paint and a paint brush – Ugh! This makes it totally easy, even for beginners.
The Montana ACRYLIC Marker paint dries quickly and is a great match for nearly any surface (even glass – OMG!). Now that your pots look amazing, it’s time to give your potted plants a home. Have fun smiling every time you cook with your home grown herbs in their stylish pots. Handmade by you.