Vintage Spray Filter Photos

Old is the new, „New“

Many memories of yellowed photos in albums or hanging in the homes of most peoples grandparents houses is something a lot of people could relate to. The mystery of the photos gets people wondering about the history and the context they were taken in.


Now you can create that mystique at home with new photos and Montana VINTAGE SPRAY FILTER.


Simply choose the photos or materials of your choice to convert in majestic historical  icons in an instant. Place them on a covered surface and shake your Montana VINTAGE SPRAY FILTER for 2-3 minutes. Remove the safety ring under the nozzle and then spray multiple thin coats on your object. Apply each coat in the opposite direction to ensure the best results. The more you apply, the more yellow the image or object will become. If this isn’t enough, maybe consider a touch of color? A stencil or masking areas can allow you to combine the old with the new.