Granit Pencil Holders

A little GRANIT goes a long way

Cups, beakers, mugs or even goblets, when you have a little time then nothing is safe from a GRANIT effect makeover. Everyone has cup-like containers laying around the house that don’t quite have a purpose yet are too good to dispose of. Their time has come for a GRANIT makeover, that’s simple and fun. Read on to learn more about the Granit Pencil Holders.

All you need is one or more Montana GOLD colors of your choice as well as one or more colors of the Montana GRANIT Spray. Clean and dry your cups, mugs, beakers and everything in between. If your objects are plastic, wood, Polystyrene you can even prime them with the appropriate Montana PRIMER Spray for your material. For the rest either coat with

the Montana UNIVERSAL PRIMER or coat with the Montana GOLD base color of your choice. Once dry, place your cup object on your drop sheet with plenty of space away from other objects. Spraying the Montana GRANIT 400ml Spray near the base of your cup, watch as the GRANIT particles adhere to it.

For greater density go close to your object, for a more spars coat keep spraying slightly away from the object.

You can either stop here if you’re happy with your combination of colors or once dry, using an alternate GRANIT Spray color again spray in the region of the base of your object and get nearer subject to how dense you want the particles to apply.

Awaken the artist in you and don’t be afraid to experiment with various color combinations and levels of opacity when applying the GRANIT Spray. And above all, don’t forget to have fun. Get inspired and see how easy it is here in the Granit Pencil Holders project video.