Granit Office Drawer

Adding some highlights for your workspace

Your office is clean, neat, organized, and bright. Probably all the things that it should be for you to get a constructive day’s work done. But as many people can probably relate to, sometimes there needs to be a little touch of nature to break up all that white, black, and order. That got us thinking, and as we reached for the white office drawers to get our last edition of allspraypainted magazine out for some inspiration, it hit us like lightning that therein lies the place for the next adventure and that little something special for our workspace. White office drawers – just add GRANIT. And that is exactly what we did!

Materials used

  • White office drawers (ours were wooden)
  • Montana GRANIT spray (we had 4 drawers, so we used all 4 GRANIT spray colors)
  • Montana VARNISH (finish of your choice)
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop sheet

How it was done

While we were contemplating what we could do, we shook all our cans for 2-3 minutes until we heard the mixing balls moving freely. We removed the nozzles, turned all the cans upside down, and let the black safety ring fall out from under the nozzle. We reapplied the nozzle and did a test spray away from any objects to start the can.

It occurred to us through this process, that we were going to focus purely on the drawer faces to change the look of the whole piece of furniture. So we removed each drawer and masked the handgrips and the edges so that no paint could attach itself there. Then we wrapped the rest of the drawer up in plastic sheeting to cover it from any paint or paint dust. What was left were the exposed drawer faces.

One color at a time, we applied the GRANIT colors of our choice to each facing. As we had 4 drawers, this meant we could use all the GRANIT colors; Black, Brown, Light Grey, and Grey. In smooth even coats we sprayed from side to side at a distance of 15-20cm.

However simple this project may seem, the most important part is to allow each drawer to dry overnight or longer. This allows the GRANIT spray to cure so it can offer the most durability possible. But seeing as we wanted the best of the best, we decided to coat each face with the Montana VARNISH spray as well to seal and protect the paint jobs.

You can choose from Matt, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss, and it is also important to leave these to dry for 24 hours or more. This way your drawers will look good for as long as possible.

That is it! You have only done about 10 minutes of work. The hardest part was applying the masking tape and being patient to take it off again. It really is that easy and it doesn’t matter if you are a DIY nerd or a first-timer, this project is for you.

You could choose to sandpaper the drawer faces before applying paint, and you could choose to simplify your colorway or number of colors. Either way, this project is still a breeze and a natural-looking breath of fresh air for your office or workspace.

Congratulations and Happy Crafting!