Decorative Planters: Granit and Marble Magic

A simple but effective DIY to give your planters a timeless look!

Elevate your home interior with our latest DIY project featuring Montana Cans. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to transform ordinary planters into exquisite decorative pieces using Montana Granit Montana GOLD and Montana Marble effect spray. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, this project is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Materials Used

  • Montana Granit Effect Spray (Black, White and Brown)
  • Montana GOLD Spray Paint in Black
  • Marble Effect in White
  • Planters (new or used, preferably ones that don’t allow water seepage)
  • Montana Universal PRIMER or Montana GOLD (optional)
  • Montana Flatjet Cap Medium (Used Caps/Nozzles for spraying)
  • Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss
  • Masking Tape
  • Drop Sheet (for paint dust protection)
  • Gloves

What we did

Step 1: Preparing Your Planters

Before diving into the creative process, ensure your planters are clean and dry. If you’re working with used planters, give them a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt or debris.

Optional: For an optimal base, apply Montana Universal PRIMER or Montana GOLD to your planters. This step will enhance the adhesion of the spray paint and ensure a long-lasting finish.

Step 2: Applying the Montana Granit Effect

Start by shaking your Montana Granit Effect Spray cans for 2-3 minutes to mix the paint thoroughly. Remove the nozzle, turn the can upside down, and let the black safety ring fall out. Replace the nozzle and spray away from any objects to initiate spraying.

Spray the planters with Montana Granit Effect Spray in Black, White or Brown, creating a textured, stone-like finish. Be sure to hold the can at an even distance to achieve a consistent appearance. Allow the paint to dry completely. Fade with Montana GOLD Line Black if you want to create a gradient effect. Repeat with other pots. 

Step 3: Adding the Montana GOLD Marble Effect

Now, it’s time to introduce a touch of elegance with Montana GOLD Marble Effect Spray in White. First, apply a coat of Montana GOLD line to contrast the white Marble that will be added on top. Adding this spray paint to your planters, creating a marble-inspired design. Spray from different angles and distances to achieve the desired Marble effect. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 4: Sealing with Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss

To protect and enhance the longevity of your painted planters, seal them with Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss. This step will give your planters a glossy finish while safeguarding the paintwork. Apply the varnish evenly and allow it to dry completely.

Step 5: Final Touches

Once everything is dry and you’re satisfied with the result, it’s time to admire your beautifully transformed planters. Place them strategically in your home interior to create a stunning decorative display.


With Montana Cans and a touch of creativity, you’ve transformed ordinary planters into exquisite decorative pieces that add sophistication to your home. This DIY project allows you to personalize your living space and create unique, eye-catching decor. Happy crafting!

Project by Jordan Katz