Crackle Effect Deco Bags

Stunning Paper Bags for any Occasion

Receiving gifts is a guilty pleasure that everyone can relate to. But have you ever found yourself admiring the paper bag that the gift came in almost more then the gift itself? We have.. And when we see something that is simplistically beautiful, we get ideas. We set out to create eye catching paper deco gift bags, that could be a gorgeous head turning feature however it was used. We wanted to go with the Montana Crackle Effect spray in a totally new context. We rummaged through the studio to put together a few of the basic necessities that we thought would be fabulous and fun to use.

  • Gloves – check
  • Plastic sheet to cover the work space – check
  • Montana GOLD spray paint colors for coloring and undercoating – check

The list went on to include masking tape, sturdy thick paper bags, a white Montana ACRYLIC marker, paper clips, drinking glasses and some flowers. The finishing touches were some adhesive letters and of course, a can of Montana Crackle Effect spray in white.

Without too much preoccupation as to how this could work, after we taped up the bag handles to prevent them from being painted, we set out undercoat and color the bags. With 2 coats of Montana GOLD spray paint (color of your choice), the bags were opaquely primed. Shortly after we splashed a coat of Montana Crackle Effect spray on and watched as the crackles started to form. Once we removed the masking tape from the handles, our bags had already been transformed from something  practical to a delightful piece of home deco.

Once dry, the bags soon became a celebration of all things Spring as the fresh tulips we bought at the market that morning found a new home inside the glasses. We added some water and placed them in our spritely looking bags. The adhesive letters were a great nuance and the word spring looked fantastic on the Crackle Effect Spray background.

It occurred to us that this idea could be used in many contexts. With Black paper tags and a name written with an white ACRYLIC marker they would be adorable for assigning seating at weddings, a perfect hiding place for a soon to be needed engagement ring or perfect as an up-cycled (or re-cycled) individualised gift bag. And all this hardly took a spec of time, fitting in from one coffee break to the other. Happy Creating!