Metallic Effects on Gadgets

Metallic Effect Gadgets

Nothing is safe from a Metallic facelift

Whether you live in the country, city, in a house, an appartment or even on a boat. There is bound to be a treasure trove of gadgets or unused belongings stored somewhere. That box you wanted to „sort out“ that lives in the darkness of the back of the cupboard. Filled with things you can’t part with, but don’t know what to do with. In most homes, they would live in the basement or garage. But anywhere is possible.

The beauty about these forgotten boxes of unused goodness is that there is always something for everyone. We went to our basement and managed to find some amazing little gadgets that we completely forgot we had. A Skull shaped glass bottle, a geometric shaped ceramic holder, a plastic dinosaur and an over sized light fitting with bulb that never found a home. At first glanse we thought, what can we do with this. And moments later we knew they need the Montana METALLIC EFFECT spray treatment.


We looked through our stash of Montana METALLIC EFFECT spray cans and chose the newest colors; Metallic Red (EMC3020), Metallic Rosé (EMC3110) and Metallic Plum (EMC4230). Then we started by cleaning all our gadgets, making sure they were dust, oil and mark free. While we were waiting for them to dry, we grabbed some masking tape and some scrap paper to cover our spraying area.

Shaking the cans for 2-3 minutes before use guaranteed us the ultimate result. We turned the cans over and removed the safety ring from under the nozzle. Once the nozzles were re-applied, it was time to have some fun.

The first gadget we painted was the Glass skull and the color of choice was Metallic Plum (EMC4230). A simple full coat of paint, sprayed at about 15cm-20cm from the skull. It worked a treat. With a completely new look, the skull was ready for use in no time. The next color in line was Metallic Rosé (EMC3020) on the ceramic holder. This time we wanted to use some of the original white color of the holder, so we masked of the base and left the remaining 3cm exposed. With a few simple swipes of paint, the Rosé was on and dry, the masking tape was removed and the new two toned holder had a fabulous new ambience.



The next gadget to get a facelift was an old plastic dinosaur toy. Light coats of Metallic Plum brought this little critter back to life turning him from a plastic monster into a fantastic decor ornament. And finally it was time for the over sized light bulb and fitting. Not any of us being electricians, we were not even sure if the light worked? But that didn’t matter. With a spritz of Metallic Red (EMC 3020), it became a unique hanging feature to compliment any overhead decoration.

Ahh how good it is to add touch of color. Happy Crafting!