Colorful Opaque Candle Holders

Mood lighting made by you

Although not as practical as flicking a switch, candles lit up our worlds with mood and ambiance while keeping us from living in the dark at night. And ironically, they still do. This got us thinking of a simple idea using Montana GLASS PAINT and simple glass candle holders. A chance to play with two light sources at once. GLASS PAINT Candle Holders were born. Read on to learn how we did the colorful opaque candle holders.

Materials used


How it was done

Depending on your time restrictions, you can either be efficient and drive to your local home decor, hardware, or craft store and be relatively sure you will find some sort of glass candle holder on offer. Or, if you have a little time up your sleeve and want to do it the low consumption way, visit your local yard sales, second-hand stores or peek through the boxes when it’s hard rubbish time. You may or may not have fast luck, but eventually, you’ll find what you want. Give your candle holders a good wash removing all oils and dust, and above all make sure they are completely dry. That’s the hard part!


Placing the holders on your drop sheet, with gloves and mask on, shake your cans well for 2-3 minutes. If you can’t hear the mixing balls moving freely, then you still need to shake some more. At a distance of about 15-25 cm’s, spray your Montana GLASS PAINT in a light even coat on the holder.

Most likely one coat will be enough. If you want a more opaque finish, then you can opt for more coats once dry. repeat this process to each holder. If you want to experiment, consider fading colors into each other, or masking areas off so you have a mix of clear glass and colored glass. We chose to stick to a single color, making the holders timeless and all-season.

At this point, you may ask yourself, why a glass candleholder? Just as a candle is a source of light, so is the holder. By using Montana GLASS PAINT which is matte and transparent, we add another level to the possible ambiance that the candle can produce as light is also able to pass through the colorful opaque candleholder. And besides that, it looks cool.

You are done and it was as easy as that! This is a project for absolutely any level and the most challenging part is locating the perfect shaped candleholders for the colorful opaque candle holder DIY. So start your search and make it happen. For the Glass Paint Tealights DIY click here. Happy Crafting!