Glass Paint Bathroom Jar Makeover

Using details to change the mood

Over our lifetime, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Often, we forget that a space like this can influence the mood of some of the most intimate time we spend alone. So why should this room just be hygienic and practical, when it can be warm and inspiring as well. With the possibilities offered by the Montana GLASS Paint color range, we came up with a great idea that can add a bit of light and life to your bathroom. Read on for the Glass Paint Bathroom Jar Makeover.


It’s clean, it works, and it doesn’t smell bad. For some people, this is enough and the time they spend in their bathroom does not warrant the worry about how it looks. For others, a bathroom is a place of refuge in the comfort of a hot bath in winter, a space for re-invention in front of the mirror before a big night out, or simply a room you can lock the door and be alone for a quiet moment. The decor in your bathroom can play a big role in the mood you experience while in this, the most intimate of rooms in your house. For this project, we focused on some glass jars with wood or bamboo air-tight lids.

Again, they are clean and functional. But are they inspiring? Using only some adhesive plastic film (book covering film), scissors, a Montana ACRYLIC marker (or marker of your choice), a piece of cardboard, gloves, mask, drop sheet, Montana GLASS Paint colors (we used black, coral red, and white), and of course glass jars, we will bring in some new light into your bathroom.

Ensuring the jars are clean and free of dust and oils, remove the wooden/bamboo lids and place them somewhere safe away from your painting space. With your shaken Montana ACRYLIC marker, on your piece of cardboard, draw shapes as desired of what you think attractive labels would look like. We chose diamonds, circles, and rounded edge rectangles of various sizes. We cut these out and they then became templates for our plastic adhesive film.

On the reverse side of the film, layout the cardboard shapes and trace around them with your ACRYLIC marker. Then repeat the process and cut the drawn shapes out of your adhesive film. Carefully peel off the paper backing and position the adhesive film shapes on the front of each jar as desired. Where the film is applied, clear glass will remain, and the rest of the jar will be covered with GLASS Paint color.

With all adhesive labels applied and gloves on, place your hand inside each jar one at a time, and with the carefully shaken (2-3 minutes) Montana GLASS Paint color of your choice in the other hand, spray your glass paint color on over your drop sheet at 15-25cm away from the jar. Ideally, the GLASS Paint applies in a thin even layer to avoid drips. Should you want to increase the opacity, re-apply coats as desired. Once dry, carefully remove your adhesive film shapes, leaving the clear glass space in their places. And that’s it! Nice job.


After allowing to dry overnight, your glass jars are now filled with the lids on, and back into service. What was plain transparent functionality, is now frosted glass variations of white, coral red, and black, which warmly hold all your bathroom necessities like soap, toothbrushes, or cotton buds. The transparent effect of light passing through each vessel adds both a personal touch to your bathroom experience and a varying mood as the radiating light changes during each time of the day.

Your new GLASS Paint makeover is not only easy to keep clean and practical, but it has also brought a whole new level of warmth to the time you spend in front of the mirror. And all this in as little as 5 minutes of creation time per jar. Not only will feel better within your bathroom space, so will those you share the space with.

This project is super easy and can be done by any level of DIY ability. There is no reason why anyone cannot give it a go and get the results they want.

And of course, if you didn’t have glass jars in your bathroom before, for safety reasons, make sure to give a little attention to where you put them. Now you can go back to your hot bath and enjoy the new GLASS Paint ambiance. Happy Crafting!