RUST Effect Office Update

No need to wait for the elements

Office spaces are not just places of business. To work well in an office, it is ideal if it makes you happy to be there, that it inspires you, and motivates you so you can work efficiently with discipline.  At best, your office puts you in a good mood when you go there to work. But this is not always the case. So what are your options? Either imagine it is more inspirational than it really is, or take matters into your own hands and make somewhere that brings the best out of you. We chose the latter, and with a little help from the new Montana RUST Effect Sprays, we created a RUST Effect Office Update.


Materials used


The items we worked with for our RUST Effect Office Update were a metal desktop lamp, a recycled food tin, some metal bookends, and a circular desktop organizer. These items were already at home on our desk, so it was an easy choice. You could choose to use other functional metal objects that you already have, or take a look in any kind of homewares, hardware, or furniture stores (like IKEA) that sell many various items that you may like. The most important thing is they are all clean, dry, and free of dust and oils.

With your painting area prepared, drop sheet laid down, gloves and mask on, and your cans all shaken for 2-3 minutes or more, pick up the first item of your choice and spray it evenly with the Montana METAL PRIMER. In the case of the desktop lamp, make sure your light bulb is removed, the cord is NOT PLUGGED IN and covered with masking tape to protect it from being covered by any spray.

It is also important that the fitting where the wires and bulb normally is has been covered well with some scrunched paper or even sealed off completely with masking tape. Repeat this process with all your items spraying at approximately 15cm distance from each item. Then let them all dry.

The second step is applying your first coat of Montana RUST Effect Spray in the color BROWN. By the time you have managed to spray all the items, they should be dry enough to add the second coat which will be with the RUST Effect BROWN ORANGE.

Only apply the BROWN ORANGE in blotches as you desire. This will give each item an organic look of rust at various stages as if it had been left out in the rain. When you are happy with your result, leave all items overnight to dry.

You are now at the final stage of your RUST Effect Office Update. To seal your items and give them protection against scratching, it is time to apply your pre-shaken Montana VARNISH.

We suggest Semi-Gloss or Matte as this is closest to the matte look of natural rust. However, you could also use VARNISH Gloss should you prefer a shiny finish. As soon as your desktop lamp is dry enough to handle, remove any protective tape or papers you applied previously.

And you’re done, and everything turned out great! This is a great project for all skill levels and you only need about 30 minutes of actual work time not considering the drying time. There is a good chance you may not be able to decide what should now go where. But that’s ok, just swap things around from time to time and you will feel you are creating a completely new office space each time. Well done, and Happy Crafting!