A splash of color to mix things up

Those in expensive wooden chairs you bought years ago have become somewhat less inspiring over time. They are too good to throw away and not exciting enough to work into the decor you have in your home now. So what do you do? Paint them!


You only need a few simple things and thanks to the MontanaCans product range you can be started in minutes. All you need is wooden chairs, a saw or jigsaw, paper to cover a spray area, masking tape a pencil, a Montana ACRYLIC marker, sand paper, your Montana GOLD TRUE COLOR SWATCH, masking tape, 2-3 Montana GOLD colors of your choice and Montana Varnish IN GLOSS, SEMI GLOSS or MATTE – you decide.

With your pencil, start by measuring where you want to cut your chair legs. We chose to have varying heights per table. But you could use as-is if you wanted. With your saw or jigsaw, cut the legs to size. Lightly sand the edges of each leg rounding them off. Using some scrap paper cover all the legs protecting them from paint and spray dust. Cover your painting surface with scrap paper to also protect from paint and spray dust.


With a little help from your Montana GOLD TRUE COLOR SWATCH, using the Montana GOLD colors that you chose that have been shaken for 2-3 minutes each, spray each chair top in a color of your choice.


Let it dry completely and then grab your masking tape and apply patterns to as desired. Swap colors and spray again. You can repeat this process with as many colors and patterns as you desire. We even used a Montana ACRYLIC marker to create some fine lines that we then protected with tape. Leaving the masking tape on. Each layer and color will be revealed when you remove the tape. When your happy with your work, remove all the tape layers and let the chair(s) dry over night. Fort he final step cover all chairs with Montana VARNISH in the finish of your choice. This will protect and enhance your designs for years to come.

And then… enjoy. You now have jazzy looking chairs that can also double as tables for relexing or entertaining. Happy Crafting!