Food not required

Have you ever walked around a flea market and seem the piles and piles of old plates that look kind of interesting, but your not sure for what? Maybe they just need an upcycle with a touch of Montana GOLD? Just like you have in your hobby box. Old unused plates can become great pieces of art to hang in any context with a little interaction from you.

Start by collecting the plates in the sizes you want that you would like to incorporate into  your new designer artworks. Clean them free of dust and oil and make sure they are dry before you start.

Either grab some of your fave Montana GOLD colors from your collection or look through your Montana TRUE COLOR SWATCH and go and get the exact colors you need from the store. While there don’t forget to buy some adhesive hanging hooks may not already be in your collection.



Using some masking tape or paper stickers, apply them to the plate in the designs you want. These masked areas will be where the existing plate will show. We used thin tape and played with some words, shapes and symbols. Now your ready to shake your cans for 2-3 minutes, remove the safety ring from under the nozzle and re-apply it to trigger the can. To avoid mess and paint spots, place your plates on your covered spray surface. You could use scrap paper, plastic or anything you don’t mind getting pant and paint dust on. Push the trigger and make the magic happen.

If your designs have your masking tape over the edges of the plates, when dust dry grab the loose tape and tear away from the plate slowly and carefully. If you have shaped stickers or tape, use the sharp end of a craft cutter to carefully pry the tape up.

To avoid color tearing with the tape, don’t wait too long before removing the masked areas.

Yes.. thats right, you just created some pretty stunning looking artworks. To finish them off, apply the adhesive hanging hooks to the back of the plates ensuring that the hook and adhesive is strong enough for the weight of your plate. Then just find the right spot in your home to let them shine. Congratulations and happy crafting!