Crackle Effect Files

Spruce up your work space with this magazine storage file DIY project

When it comes to organization, there are two different types of people out there: Type A loves the satisfaction of organization and type B hates wasting time on things as mundane as filing. Today we have the perfect DIY project for both of you! These magazine files have been revamped to the point that just simply using them will bring joy to your heart. For this project, you will need plain magazine files, some old newspaper, painters’ tape, one or two of your favorite Montana GOLD colors, and one can of Montana CRACKLE Effect spray. For our project, we used Montana CRACKLE Effect EC9010 Pure White and Montana GOLD G4040 Powder Pink, G3110 Frozen Raspberry and M3010 Gold Matt. If your magazine files have metal edging or label holders, you will also need a can of Montana PRIMER TECH T2400 Metal spray.

As always, you’re going to start off with protecting your work surface with some old newspaper. In our case, a few of the metal elements came disassembled, and we used this to our advantage. In order to paint any metal parts on the actual file, you will have to cover the body of the file with some tape and newspaper or plastic wrap. For even coverage on the metal elements, you will want to prime them with Montana PRIMER TECH spray T2400 Metal. This primer is specifically designed to adhere well and optimally prep metal surfaces for intended paint jobs. Once the primer has dried, you can paint the primed parts. We chose to make these metal accents a nice gold using Montana GOLD M3010 Gold Matt. Once these party have dried thoroughly and you have removed the tape and newspaper, you will use your tape to do the exact opposite of what you did earlier, covering only the metal parts, leaving the cardboard body of the file exposed. Now, using your Montana GOLD color of choice, it’s time to cover the entire body in a few thin coats, leaving some time for each coat to dry in between layers.


If you choose to give your storage files a vintage look using Montana CRACKLE Effect spray, this is where the project gets exciting. First, you have to make sure that your last Montana GOLD coat has dried for at least 45 minutes but no longer than 24 hours before you apply the Montana CRACKLE Effect in even strokes, moving steadily back and forth from left to right in a crossing over motion. Soon after you’ve applied the paint, the distressed look of the crackle effect will start to show. After about 24 hours, the paint will be fully cured and you can assemble the metal pieces and put your finished magazine files to good use. If your magazine files did not come with label holders, but you would love to add some writing to the front, try using the Montana ACRYLIC markers in 2mm FINE or 0.7mm Extra FINE. Also, check out our *granite flower pot project* for lettering ideas and a how to for these magical tools. We promise, they will become your new best friend. But first, be prepared to enjoy organizing from now on with these stylish new babies. Handmade by you.