Glow in the Dark Shoes

The transparent Montana UV-EFFECT illuminates when exposed to UV light

You can buy pretty much any kind of shoe you can dream up. But there’s always something very satisfactory in taking a somewhat blah-object and turning it into something that not only conveys personality, but also saves you a dime by doing it yourself. For todays DIY project, crafting expert Vera Wohlleben has provided us with a complete tutorial on how to spiff up a pair of plain ballerinas and transform them into real jaw-droppers in the process. With the help of some tape and our Montana GOLD and Montana UV-EFFECT spray cans, she has customized this pair of shoes with fashionable color that will glow in UV light. Yup, real live glow in the dark shoes for grown-ups, so pay attention!

To begin, you will need a pair of light colored shoes that you wish to spruce up, some masking tape, a plastic sheet (like cling wrap) or some old newspaper, latex gloves, a mask and a can of your favorite color from our Montana GOLD series and one can of Montana UV-EFFECT spray. For starters, you will need to protect your work surface with a plastic sheet or some old newspaper. Next, you are going to decide how much of the toe of your shoe you’d like to cover in our Montana GOLD spray paint. Once you’ve made your decision, mark that line with masking tape making sure to protect the rest of your shoe with cling wrap. If you need to, you can add another layer of tape to make sure it’s sealed off well.

Before you start, make sure to shake the cans well for 1-2 minutes

Now it gets exciting: Grab your Montana GOLD spray can and go to town, making sure you cover the toe of the shoe evenly. This particular series of cans are prefect for any kind of DIY project, because of their short drying time. The acrylic-based paint adheres to all kinds of surfaces, even fabric. Thanks to the low-pressured can, it’s not only great for indoor crafting, but is also a fantastic way for beginners to get accustomed to using the can as a crafting utensil. Once you’re happy with your result and the paint has had plenty of time to dry all the way, you’re going to move on to use the Montana UV-EFFECT spray paint. You want to spray paint your shoe tips evenly with this transparent lacquer, which has a colorless and semi-gloss finish when it dries.

The incredible glowing blue-purple UV effect can be increased by applying multiple thin layers of the paint. As soon as this top coat is dry, it’s time for the big reveal. Carefully peel off the newspaper and tape and stand back to admire your new shoes! Aren’t they gorge with the colorful toe? But you’ve only seen the half of it. Time to get dressed up and hit some night clubs to really see what your new treads can do under direct UV light. Your shoes will be light shining star of the evening. Handmade by you.