Stenciled Cotton Bags

When practical can also be beautiful

The days of an ubundence of plastic bags is gone. At least in Europe. Nearly every supermarket charges a fee for any plastic bags and cotton carry bags are not just for shopping, they are for personal items too. So why not make what need look cool at the same time. After a glance in the bookshop window we had a lot of inspiration for a project that required little effort.

The book we saw was called Street Art Stencil Book. Filled with edgy street art designs, the pages were made of carboard and removable to use as stencils. But you don’t need a book to make a stencil. Just use any card of paper and cut the design out of your choice.


From our collection of cotton tote bags and carry bags, we chose a simple grey bag and two tone black and white bag. They also happened to be our favourites. We then grabbed our Montana GOLD TRUE COLOR SWATCH and looked through the colors to find what we thought could be the right MONTANA GOLD colors for the job. Before use we shook them for 2-3 minutes ensuring they were properly mixed and then removed the safety ring from under the nozzle.

Once the nozzle was re-applied we were ready to spray.


But not before we layed down some scrap paper to protect our spray surface and stuck some sprap paper over the remaining parts oft he bags to ensure no spray went anywhere except on the image. With a couple of swipes of color were converting something static into something dynamic. Self made practical art. With a wow factor that we were not predicting. Happy crafting!