Pop Art in your own home

Regardless of if you like the taste of them, or if your just a fan of pop art. There is always room in every home for a donut feature wall. And with limitless array of colors in the Montana GOLD range, some masking tape and some plastic sheeting, anything is possible.

To start your project, consider carefully where you want your donut. As the real estate agents always say, „position, position, position“. Once you’ve chosen your wall, make sure it’s clean and free of dust. Place some protection on the floor to catch any falling paint dust.


Mark out where you want your donut to go. Keep it simple and calculate for 2 main colors to fill in the main area. One being the donut, the other the icing.


And don’t forget have fun with it. We added a bite in our design.

Mask these two areas off so you can spray inside them without paint or paint dust going anywhere else. Plastic sheeting is good for this as you can form it easily and stick it down temporarily with your masking tape. Shake your cans well for 2-3 minutes each before use and apply thin even coats for your desired coverage. Remove the plastic sheeting and your almost done!

To add some sweetness to your work, use some bright Montana GOLD colors to create the illusion of sprinkles or topping to the icing. Looks great and a lot less calories than the real thing. Happy Crafting!